To receive housing subsidy you have to write a statement and collect the following documents:

- certificate on family composition;
- the documents certifying the citizenship of the Russian Federation from applying for the subsidy;
- income of all family members for the calculation of comprehensive income (wages, benefits, stipend, pension, etc.), which will be taken into account when considering the question of granting subsidies;
- the documents confirming legal grounds of possession and use of premises;
- documents containing information on persons, registered together with you at the place of permanent residence;
- documents with information about payments charged for residential space and utility services for the last preceding the application month (also need help on the presence or absence of overdue debts on housing and communal services);
- the documents confirming the right to benefits and social support;
for non - working pensioners and women with children under three years of age - employment history;
- for the unemployed - information on received unemployment benefits (issued by the labor exchange).

Are these documents in the form of notarized copies. Not certified in listed order copies submitted with the original.

Please note that the beginning of the accrual period of the housing subsidy depends on when you filed the documents. If you apply before the 15th of the month, you can expect to accrue from the first day of the current month, when applying later than 15 numbers, the calculation will be the first of the month following the application month.

Documents may not accept for any reason and appoint a repeat visit, in this case, the start date for the granting of housing subsidies is based on the date of the first treatment.

Documents required for compensation are issued by the concerned authorities free of charge, regardless of their departmental affiliation and organizational-legal forms . Responsibility for the accuracy contained in these documents bear the information provided for their organs.

The authorized body for the appointment of subsidies within ten days of receipt of the documents, will decide on possible charges of payment or refusal in it will calculate the amount of the grant and will bring their decision to the interested parties. Improper purpose of the subsidy or even a refusal can be challenged in court.