You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of income of the family;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • the identification codes on children;
  • - 2 photos 3x4 cm.
Make sure that your family is eligible to receive benefits. The presence of three minor children does not mean that you put certain discounts. The design of benefits is made only if the average per capita income of your family does not exceed the subsistence minimum in each region is slightly different. To do this, first find out its value, then add up all the official income and divide the resulting amount by the number of people in your family. If the average income per member does not exceed the subsistence minimum, begin to design benefits.
Will receive identification codes to all children, without which you can not include in the list of large families. Please contact the tax authority at the place of residence with the passport and birth certificates of children. Write a statement of any form of desire to receive an identity code, fill in the provided form and within a specified time you come for obtaining the desired document. Usually the waiting time is about 10 days.
Make driving a large family. To do this, take 2 photos of each family member over the age of 6 years, a certificate of official income and family composition, grab your passport, birth certificate of children, identification codes on them and refer these documents to the social security authorities at the place of their residence. There you will make the list large families and issue a corresponding certificate. And also execute the certificate confirming your right to benefits.
For specific benefits, for example, to pay utilities, contact the appropriate organization with the received identity of a large family and help about your right to benefits. After that you are required to obtain discounts in accordance with state size.