Registration subsidies for utilities is made in the service of social support to poor population. In this organization must submit a statement of the identity documents of all family members living in the apartment, birth certificate for all children, pension card and student card.

All able-bodied family members must submit income certificate form 2-pit, pensioners – pension certificate, students help about the scholarship, persons with disabilities – receiving disability benefits.

Need help from the BTI on the category of housing, ownership certificate or rental agreement, the warrant on apartment or the house an extract from the house register and a personal account, a certificate of family composition. All documents must be submitted in original and additionally present certified copies. Photocopies can be certified to the housing Department or by a notary. The grant will be monthly transferred to the account of a responsible tenant or one of the owners, so you will also need to submit a checking account number. All state organizations are working only with the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, the account should be opened in specified Bank.

The subsidy is provided only to those citizens who for more than 22% of total monthly income spent on housing services. The amount of subsidy depends on the region of residence and is available only on the volume of housing required by social norms to one person. The entire cubic capacity exceeding social standards of accommodation in the region, will have to pay at 100% size on the basis of the established tariffs.

The right to a subsidy will have to confirm every 6 months, providing to the social protection of fresh documents. In some regions, including Moscow and Moscow region, supporting documents will have to present once a year.