Take your ID card and the passports of all registered in the apartment of the adult family members. Collect the receipt of payment of utilities for the last month. With these documents go to the Department of social payments of the local administration.
Prepare documents to an inspector from the welfare Department confirmed the possibility of obtaining grants. You must make a copy of pages of passport containing any mark, work books and the social security number of all registered in the apartment of a family member. Also Xerox passbook or contract for the use of a Bank card. Take in the passport office a certificate of family composition and an extract from the house register.
Provide a document proving your ownership of the dwelling, or the social contract of employment and a certificate giving the right to receive benefits. Single pensioners need to make a copy of your divorce certificate or death certificate of spouse. Collect all receipts on payment of utilities for the last 6 months. For obtaining the subsidy you must have no outstanding bills. Everything in the apartment, adult family members must take on the work income.
With all the collected documents need to re-contact the division of social benefits. Fill in the form for internal use only and the application for registration subsidy.