You will need
  • -passport and copy for all family members
  • -birth certificate and its copy for all children
  • -extract from the house register and a certificate of family composition
  • -proof of income for 6 months of all family members, pensioners – about the size of pensions, students on scholarship
  • help for paying utilities for the last month and a confirmation of absence of debts for utilities
  • -title document to the dwelling
  • -information on cubic capacity of residential space
  • -in some cases may require additional documents
For registration of grants for payment of utilities must apply to the Department of social protection of the population of your district and submit a list of documents and certificates confirming the right of your family to obtain social support.
In any region the subsidy provided only for the square meters under the social norms for one person. All that above that you will be paying without the subsidies in full.
Total family income and percentage of revenues for the payment of utilities for the subsidy in each region is different. For each individual case consult the Department of social protection of the population.
After submission of all documents the amount of the grant will be calculated on the basis of income and their percentages on the payment of utilities for your family.
On the provision of subsidies need to write a statement. To obtain the extract from the house register about the composition of your family. Documents confirming your right to possession of the premises, in payment for which you want to obtain the subsidy. Proof of employment income for 6 months before the treatment needs to all working family members, retirees the amount of the pension and students about the amount of the scholarship. Will also receive a certificate on payment of municipal services. For utilities should not be debt. Photocopy of the passport of all family members and copies of birth certificates of children.
Having considered your application and submitted documents, you will be given a reply within 10 days about the granting of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services and the monthly amount of the grant allocated to your family in accordance with the submitted documents.