For starters find out whether you can claim the title of "Veteran of labour". If you didn't get it until 2005, now it is assigned is already at the Federal and at the regional level. Find out in the bodies of social protection at the place of residence on the order of assignment in your area. Please specify what insurance experience to qualify for this title. Usually, for women single 35 years of experience (total) and 40 years for men.
So, you're convinced that you are within the grace list. Now prepare the necessary documents: pension certificate, passport, certificate from the Pension Fund on the pensions and employment. An important caveat: if you continue to work in retirement to the required length (35 or 40), then from work to take a certificate stating that contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation paid in full. Documents shall be original copies. You will also need one Matt, photo size 3X4 for the identity.
Go to the Department of social protection (or multipurpose centre), where they take the documents for execution, complete the two statements on the forms given to you, hand over copies of two copies: one set of documents for awarding the title, the second to receive monthly monetary payments (EDV), guaranteed all "veterans of labor" (500-700 rubles). The certificate itself will get 45-60 days.
Only now apply for benefits for housing and communal services. In the same office (perhaps in another room), you can apply for a refund at the utilities that are available in your area. But usually always compensated for the rent in the amount of 50% of the actual expenses for the area attributable to the beneficiary; and likewise within the regulations for electricity, gas, heating, water supply. A list of documents and copies of passports, pension and veteran certificates, pension insurance certificate (green card), certificate of family composition, account number for money transfer.