You will need
  • A suitable fabric, sewing supplies.
The first thing you need to choose the fabric. The ideal option would be a soft cotton cloth. Coloring, of course, a matter of taste, but the best choice would be fabric pastel colors. Before cutting fabric, you should wash and iron, then she will accept your real size. For nightgowns, we need about 1.5 meters of fabric.
Pattern for nightgowns is very simple. The first detail is the chest part. Such parts should be two, each long in your poluobhvat chest plus 2-3 cm part Height approx 13 cm Each item to be folded along the front side inside, stitch along the edge and turn right side out.
Next item – Central item. It is a large rectangle with a width to your chest circumference multiplied by 1.5, and a height of about 75 cm which is the option you have the right at its discretion to change.
The shirt will have shoulder straps. For their production we will need two rectangular piece with a width of 3-4 cm and a length of 45 cm. of Course you have to tweak the sizes if you think the straps are too small, or, conversely, great. They should be folded face inwards, and stitch down the long edge and turn out.
Back to the Central part. The top edge of the details you need to prioraty on the two-seam. With one stride, the other with smaller ones. Now hold the strings in the two edges bring the width of the Central part to the width of the breast. It remains to connect the straps, the chest part and the Central part. The main work is finished.
Left to embellish the night outfit at your discretion. Appropriate will be a few small buttons in the middle of the breast.
So a few hours of 1.5 meters of fabric have been transformed by skilled hands into a finished product – a nightgown. Perhaps this is your first experience, but likely not the last.