You will need
  • - knitted fabric;
  • - threads;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk.
Build the pattern on their own. If you wish, you can take any pattern from a magazine of the appropriate size. Attach the pattern to the fabric. When cutting details, don't forget to leave 2-3 cm on the hem and sleeve edge products. If you will handle the edge of the fabric with the serger, it is sufficient to leave the seam allowance for the seams of 0.5-1 cm, Carefully cut out the shelves, back, collar . If you want to strengthen the shoulder seam, add a strip of knit equal to the shoulder length and a width of approximately 1 see If the strip is thin, cut it straight at the hinge posts.
Check on the details with a needle and contrasting thread notch. This is to ensure that the Jersey went from the arrow slits. If you are not sure of the correctness of their actions, pre-baste the seams or how many pins. However, the front and the back. From the shelves, over the seam, pin striped knitwearto prevent the seam from stretching when worn.
Proutyuzhte seams. Test the iron on a piece of knitwear, as it responds to heat treatment. Baste the collar to the neck, how the pins and stitch on the machine.
Check to see if the knitted edge at the bottom of the sleeves, shelves and back. If you have edge products don't need the binder, if no, fold the edges of the sleeves and astrocyte on the front side of any knitted stitch. Vacate sleeve in the armhole and stitch on the machine. Sew the straps to the shelves fleece jackets. Closure can be done on the buttons or the buttons that you like best. Be sure to treat loop overlock. The number of loops and buttons depends on the size of the shirt.
Adorn your shelves fleece jackets decorative applique, sequins, embroidery or beads. As you can see, to make this knitting sweater, even a beginner dressmaker. And in the wardrobe you can always use a stylish cozy knit sweater.