You will need
  • measurements;
  • needles;
  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • chalk
The first step to the ability to cut should be the build step patterns. It needs to be able to take basic measurements and know how to apply them to the type of clothing that you want to create. The main pattern is made on paper. It should outline where to tuck, and to transfer the real dimensions. And then get to work with fabric.
How to learn cut <strong>clothes</strong>
Before experts recommend cut fabric to decativate. That is, pre-process it wet-heat method. We need this in order to give the fabric shrinkage even during the cut, rather than in the finished product. It must be so. If the finished product is supposed to wash, then the fabric should be pre-washed at the same temperature and in the same mode in which it will happen later. The dried fabric needs to be ironed.
Now start cutting the desired things. As a rule, cut, fabric is usually folded in half lengthwise wrong side out. Edge should be up against the edge. Especially good this way when you need to get a symmetrical part.
How to learn cut <strong>clothes</strong>
On the prepared cloth, lay your paper pattern, pin it with pins. Small guide lines on which you cut. Don't forget to leave room for bleed of approximately 1.5 cm (for thin fabrics can be smaller for thick - more).
Don't forget about the tools that will carry out the cutting work. Need for this well-sharpened tailor's scissors, not crushed, not torn and not warp the fabric. Crushed? You can now start sewing.
How to learn cut <strong>clothes</strong>