You will need
  • - material;
  • centimeter;
  • pattern;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - a sewing machine.
To begin, select the material from which is sewed a nightgown. The best option in this case is cotton fabric, soft and not very dense. To create shirts buy 1.5 metres of material and thread to match.
To the future shirt is fully consistent with your measurements, make pattern. To do this, locate a dense polyethylene or paper (it is quite suitable remaining from the last repair Wallpaper). Take a marker or ballpoint pen of any color and draw the chest part: two rectangular strips. The length of each of these strips should be equal to your poluobhvat chest (plus nabavite 2-3 cm for seams). In order to calculate the poluobhvat, take a centimeter and measure the circumference of your chest. The data obtained, for example, 85 cm, divide in half. Get 42,5 cm, This value will be poluobhvat chest.
The height of the strips should be approximately 12.5 cm Cut out the pattern. Gently apply it on the fabric and trace the contour with a soft graphite pencil or chalk so that after washing the product left any traces. Fold each item along the line of the front part of the fabric inside. "Engage" every detail along the edges, remove "there" and see whether the future of the product pattern if seams and, if all goes well, ssuite pieces of cloth between major seam.
Take a new piece of paper/polyethylene and draw on it a large rectangle. Its width should be approximately 1.5 times the width of the chest portion, and the height to be 75 cm (you can increase or decrease it on your own, which will require to measure the distance from bust to hem babydolls and record the measurement on the level where the hem will end).
Draw the contours of the pattern on the material. Just priamerica the upper edge of this cut on the two stitches (one stitch larger, the other smaller). Holding the two edges with the strings, bring the width of the Central part of the nightgowns to the width of the chest, and then connect the seams of her chest and the Central part.
If you sew the shirt on the straps, you'll need to cut out a rectangular strip of fabric with a width of 2-3 cm and about 45 cm in length. Add the resulting cut oblong face inside and sostrochite. Then "engage" straps and try on a shirt. Try to find the optimal length for the straps, then cut off the extra inches and sew these ribbons to shirt "without corrections".