Please contact at my place of work (if you work) to a specialist for interaction with the staff. Bring your expired policy OMS and passport. You will be asked to write a letter with a request to exchange document. After a short period of time will give you an extended policy.
Write a statement on the extension of the policy to the local administration, if you are unemployed, retired or student. Although usually replacement of policies OMS for seniors engaged in social security or pension Fund, the policy itself bring a person into the house together with pension. Students are also in most cases change medical policy at the place of study.
Extend the policy of OMS, please contact the insurance company or branch of company providing you the services of compulsory health insurance. These offices have a specific work schedule with hours special admission for working people and a separate clock for the unemployed. Bring your passport, work-book (if you work), the policy is in need of renewal.
Use the services of local employment center (if you are registered as unemployed) to facilitate the exchange of medical insurance. Write the appropriate statement and provide the necessary documents (passport, insurance policy).
Contact the Dean's office if you are a student and you have no way to change the policy in any other way. Give the person in charge of your documents: passport, student ID, the policy for extension.
You will help social security if you are a disabled person receiving a pension. Imagine a policy, certificate of disability and your passport.
Go to the official website of your health insurance company (if any). Some of these companies provide the possibility of extending the policy of OMS, without visiting directly to the office. You will need to fill out a form on the website and send to e-mail scanned documents. Policy OMS will be delivered by courier, or you can get it in the office.