You will need
  • - passport or birth certificate (children);
  • - the insurance pension certificate;
  • help with employment services or work book (unemployed);
  • - pension certificate (for pensioners);
  • - student or a student card
  • - residence permit from the migration service (citizens of other States, who arrived in Russia for permanent or temporary residence).
If you work, to obtain the policy, contact your employer. Imagine the passport, the insurance pension certificate and old medical insurance policy with the expired period of insurance if you have it. Insurance will give you in one month. If you need to get medical services during the period of execution of a permanent policy, you will be given a temporary insurance document which you will be able to receive medical care throughout the Russian Federation.
Also if you are working, you can not apply to the employer and personally to the insurance company and get a medical insurance policy on their own, bypassing the service of the employer. Under the new law every person has the right to choose which insurance company he will return and in what medical institution to obtain medical care. When you change jobs a new policy change is not necessary, he will act on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, and is not tied to the workplace, as it did with the policies of the old sample.
If you are a pensioner, unemployed, student, student, to obtain the policy, contact your local authority with your passport and the insurance pension certificate, if you have a policy the old model, then hand it in for replacement. Retirees need a pension certificate, the student or the student card, the unemployed – help with employment services or employment history. The policy will give you in one month. This term may issue a temporary insurance document. If you want to get the policy person at the insurance company, contact an organization with the state accreditation in the insurance industry.
If you are a student or a student, then the policy can get not only in the administration of the place of residence or personally to the insurance company, but also at the place of study, passing the documents to the responsible person.