You will need
  • - passport;
  • - residence permit (for foreigners);
  • - registration certificate (in the absence of a permanent residence permit);
  • - SNILS (insurance number of individual personal account (if any).
The policy of compulsory health insurance entitles you to free medical care in case of illness or injury on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Since January 2011, the Russians may themselves choose the insurance company. The main thing that she would always be included in the system of mandatory medical insurance. View full list of insurance companies in your area, including in the system of mandatory medical insurance, please visit the website of the Federal Fund of compulsory medical insurance
Choosing organization, contact her by presenting the documents (passport, residence permit, social security number (if available), and for children up to 14 years – birth certificate or passport of one of parents with a note). A complete list of required documents can be obtained by calling to the insurance company or by visiting its website.
The insurance company fill out the application to obtain the OMC and return the necessary documents. Contact the insurance company to get insurance policy you can personally or through a representative. Also the application can be filled and submitted through the state services portal or through the sites territorial Fund in your city. In this case, for three days to your e-mail will receive a notice of receipt of the application. And you don't have to go to the insurance agent.
Policy OMS is prepared throughout the month. Until then, you will use the temporary certificate you can visit the clinic. This document is issued on the day of filing the application for the granting of compulsory medical insurance. An insurance company representative will contact you when the policy is ready. You will just have to come and get it. By the way, in addition to the paper copy of the policy, according to your desire can manufacture electronic policy similar to a credit card. It was equivalent to conventional paper-based insurance and gives the same rights.