You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of pension insurance (SNILS);
  • - application for obtaining registration at the place of stay;
  • - passport of the owner of the premises;
  • - a statement from the owner of the premises;
  • - the contract of employment (sublease);
  • - employment contract;
  • - statement to obtain insurance.
Being away from home and being a nonresident living, take care of the purchase of the policy OMS. His presence will ensure the implementation of free medical services stipulated by the Federal law.
Arriving at a new place of residence, you must complete a temporary registration by contacting the official, the responsible or owner of the dwelling. Registration at the place of stay is free of charge and is held without being removed from the register by place of residence. For registration you must have a passport, the application for registration upon place of stay of the established sample, the statement of owner of premises providing accommodation with an indication of the period of residence, a contract of employment.
If you stay as a non-resident living was due to the invitation of the organization on a labor contract after its conclusion and signing of the order on appointment, the Director must order the results of the policy of OMS. If not, contact the personnel Department, accounting Department or head of the organization, Recalling the legal right to obtain policy OMC in accordance with article 11 of the Federal law "About obligatory medical insurance".
Call the help Desk, find out the coordinates of the insurance companies issuing the policies OMS. Check the conditions, list of rendered free medical services carried out on the basis of the policy of OMS, the timing of its receipt. Select the most appropriate option based on the received information.
Being a non-resident residing with registration at the place of stay and as an unemployed citizen of the Russian Federation, ask for insurance policy OMS in the insurance medical organization, geographically belonging to the place of residence at the moment. Keep with you the passport, the certificate of pension insurance (SNILS). Complete issued application form on the basis of which the insurance organization will be issued a policy of OMS. Specify the terms of issue of the document.
As a foreign citizen, permanently residing on the territory of the Russian Federation and has a residence permit or temporarily residing in the territory of Russia, invited as a worker under an employment contract, will receive policy OMS. Please contact the issuing insurance policies, situated in clinics at the place of registration or one of the insurance medical organizations, having provided at the request of the employee all necessary documents, noting them beforehand.
When you receive policy OMS contact the clinic, located at the place of registration for the procedure of attachment of the policy to the given medical institution.