Advice 1: How to talk about the meeting

Sometimes really, really need to meet with some person, but man this from time to time finds excuses not understand the hints giving you the runaround or refuses directly. Don't despair! Different ways to get people to do what you need.
How to talk about the meeting
Before you can persuade people to come to the meeting with you, synthesize all you know about his character and temperament. Most likely, it's not a close friend you for years of friendship have studied better himself. At the same time, to storm the fortress, do not choose the most effective weapon is stupid. Understand, this hot-tempered people, or you can persuade more than one hour, and it's on you not cry out; does he understand jokes; they can covertly manipulate. Maybe don't need Dodge and Dodge, but rather to explain to him why his presence in a certain place at a certain hour is important to you, and he, realizing you mind, not sense, will come to you without objection.
Show originality. Send a letter, write music, draw on the pavement, Teddy bear (the latter is most suitable, if you invited a girl). Of course, act within reason and consider the status of the person you want to invite, age, gender and character. I hardly need to write an invitation chalk on the pavement of the sidewalk under the Windows of the Professor, whom you want to call on the day of the faculty, but such an invitation can act on a girl who is simply throwing his weight around and does not want to go with you to the bar.
Try to act the contrary. Often happens so: it is necessary to tell the person who had spent the last hour waving your hands and refused to meet, "Okay, God be with you, not want - do not come", he immediately agrees. But you should not take this method as the primary, it is best to leave it "just in case of fire": your partner may feel that something was wrong, you are stupid if half an hour digging it for its impudence, and then suddenly waved his hand. If you play the role, play it well.
In some cases it may be appropriate for the official invitation and the attached gift. Well-chosen in accordance with the business style of speech of the word can act better personal conversation, looking into his eyes and entreaties. On the contrary, the molestation in person will push away from you, while official colors, demonstrating the seriousness of your intentions, will attract attention, and people will gladly come to meet you.

Advice 2 : How to persuade a person to zakodirovatsia?

Coding is really effective only if the person suffering from alcoholism, is ready to give up alcohol and go through the procedure voluntarily. To persuade him to take this step, you will need a lot of patience.
How to persuade a person to zakodirovatsia?

How to convince to zakodirovatsia: highlights

A conversation about the refusal of alcohol is rarely met with understanding from those who drink a lot of alcohol. Do not expect that you will be able to immediately convince the person to undergo the procedure coding. To speed up the process, try to choose the right moment for conversation. Most in such cases, approach a situation when an alcoholic is already damaged due to his addiction to strong drinks. It is important that happened recently: you can refresh your memory of unpleasant moments, showing him what alcohol has done to his life.
Don't lead these conversations when your partner is drunk or suffering from a hangover, because he just does not want to listen to you. Need to he was sober and could talk quietly, not in a hurry.

It is advisable to talk in private so no one bothered. Give facts showing that alcohol is bad for the life of your loved one. Talking about how it's bad for him and his family. Talk quietly, do not be angry, do not blame, do not say hurtful things. Your goal is to show that you are sympathetic to the situation and I think that the problem in alcohol, and not in man. Try to give your interlocutor to understand that when he will get rid of the addiction to be much better, because the problem is not him but his enemy – the addiction to alcohol.

What to do to make people want to zakodirovatsia

You can try to show the alcoholic that he loses because of his addiction. Remember, what he was interested in and liked, try to revive in his soul the desire again to engage in the same hobby.
It is very important that passion is not reminded of the painful moments, which could cause blackouts.

If you are among the people whose opinion is valuable to the alcoholic, there is someone who has already successfully pass encoding, ask him to help. A good example is often more effective than words.

Unfortunately, there are times when it seems almost impossible to convince a man suffering from alcoholism, coding required. Close down and refuse further assistance, knowing that the results will not be. Don't lose hope. In this case, you can refer to good and experienced psychologist specializing just on these issues. If the alcoholic does not wish himself to go to a specialist, you will be able at least to see what to do and say in your particular situation. Working with a professional will help to solve the problem.
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