Before you can persuade people to come to the meeting with you, synthesize all you know about his character and temperament. Most likely, it's not a close friend you for years of friendship have studied better himself. At the same time, to storm the fortress, do not choose the most effective weapon is stupid. Understand, this hot-tempered people, or you can persuade more than one hour, and it's on you not cry out; does he understand jokes; they can covertly manipulate. Maybe don't need Dodge and Dodge, but rather to explain to him why his presence in a certain place at a certain hour is important to you, and he, realizing you mind, not sense, will come to you without objection.
Show originality. Send a letter, write music, draw on the pavement, Teddy bear (the latter is most suitable, if you invited a girl). Of course, act within reason and consider the status of the person you want to invite, age, gender and character. I hardly need to write an invitation chalk on the pavement of the sidewalk under the Windows of the Professor, whom you want to call on the day of the faculty, but such an invitation can act on a girl who is simply throwing his weight around and does not want to go with you to the bar.
Try to act the contrary. Often happens so: it is necessary to tell the person who had spent the last hour waving your hands and refused to meet, "Okay, God be with you, not want - do not come", he immediately agrees. But you should not take this method as the primary, it is best to leave it "just in case of fire": your partner may feel that something was wrong, you are stupid if half an hour digging it for its impudence, and then suddenly waved his hand. If you play the role, play it well.
In some cases it may be appropriate for the official invitation and the attached gift. Well-chosen in accordance with the business style of speech of the word can act better personal conversation, looking into his eyes and entreaties. On the contrary, the molestation in person will push away from you, while official colors, demonstrating the seriousness of your intentions, will attract attention, and people will gladly come to meet you.