Try to evaluate a guy's character and act on the basis of this assessment.

Imagine what would happen if you simply ploys ask him to meet:
- if the guy is polite, he will agree. Then your task is to hold a meeting, that he did not regret the time spent. Don't forget that this guy needs to realize how wonderful you;
- he might ask: "But why?" Come up with an excuse that he definitely wanted to come. You can hint at sex, and then, most likely, get consent. But you have to try very hard to start after this relationship became serious. Try to learn Thai massage and to learn the "Kama Sutra" - these skills may become a serious argument in favor of continuing the relationship;
the guy may refuse the appointment without any explanation.

If the second option does not suit you, think about what might interest the object of your attention.
Maybe he's a fan of rock music. Try to get tickets to the concert interesting group and casually tell him that you happened to have an extra ticket because a friend got sick and can't go. If the guy likes sports, invite him along to go to the match, etc. – understand, where the guy wants to go and go there together.
You can ask the guy for help – for example, tell that you computer broke down or wouldn't start the car. If a guy is not inclined to render selfless services hint for a fee. Try to show off the talents of the mistress, that he did not regret the time spent.
If the guy has a blog or page in social networks, go there incognito and install a correspondence with him as the mysterious stranger. If the young person has compelling reasons not to meet with you – for example, you offended him – do not repeat this error in correspondence. Try to avoid spelling errors and vulgar expressions to look like a real Princess. If you will be able to interest a guy, assign him a date in the real world. At the meeting, smile and offer to meet you again, really.