Virtual communication can sometimes be so addictive that people can correspond via the Internet. If you feel that the guy from the social network may be a knight "with it", but lingers with the meeting, resort to tricks. Start to tell him something very interesting, even spicy, and then stop. If it was exciting, the young people will be interested in the rest of the story. But you will be relentless: only in person. You said so very much need to see his facial expression and look in the eyes before continuing the story. If everything remained the same, to them that you bought a new dress and did a super hairstyle. Flirty is important to say that now all the boys are looking at you and flirting. Tell him to hurry up. When the young man still writes regularly to you through the Internet and meeting delays, just tell me what I would like to see it. He probably does not understand hints. There is nothing wrong if the woman first say the man that he is interesting to her, and she wants to chat with him on the walk. If after that there will be difficulties, let him know that he is the most unbearable and slow man you've ever met. Most likely, he's angry, and this is his spur. But it is important not to overreact and not to insult the man.
Had a first meeting, and feel you like each other. But the trouble is, the young man hesitates with an invitation to the next meeting. Act upon intuition. Find out while Dating that attracts him. If it's exhibition, will report that just in the next weekend will be a rare exhibition. Moviegoers say that the show started an interesting movie. You can come up with a reason for meeting you like both. Ask the guy to keep you company, because it will definitely be interesting!If a young person is not particularly fond of, ask him what you like. Tell that you know a curious place in which he is always worth a visit. Tell the guy about how it would be great to walk in nice weather in the Park, boating, ride the carousel. If you see glitter in his eyes, just ask: "When are we going?"
If the guy captured the nitty-gritty, and it all days lost at work, praise him for such resistance. In primitive times the price was not used to it, and the whole cave would be full of delicious preparations. If you have never seen, tell him that, but work still need to know how to relax. And since the weather is good for going on a picnic. If you've already met him, and he behaves, it may not be your date. However, try your luck again. Go to a beauty salon, buy new clothes and hint at a meeting. If you fail, do not worry, mentally let go of this man and wait for a meeting with a new man.