Be prepared for the fact that you can refuse.
If a girl a very long time watching the object of his sympathies and carries within himself hopes and dreams, it will be very difficult to accept the denial of a loved one. She may fall into melancholy and depression. The optimal way out - to take everything as some kind of game. For example, imagine that you run the job on a dare, so it's easier to relax and be natural. Failure should not be taken as a personal tragedy. We all have different tastes, so the refusal of a person is not a humiliation for you, but only a sign that he has other tastes and interests. Very ugly if after the guy rejected you, you will become to make fun of him or humiliate him. To suffer defeat, should be able with dignity.
Invite to the meeting only yourself.
It is not necessary to ask the girlfriend that it away from your face called the guy, who you care about, for a date. It looks childish and adorns you in the eyes of your chosen one. This situation may initially cause a failure even if you like the young man. You have to have the courage to approach the guy yourself.
Take a convenient moment.
To invite to a meeting is better one on one. It is not necessary to approach the guy, if he is surrounded by friends. His reaction to the invitation can be feigned, for example, he may be embarrassed or want failure to stand out before friends of his "popularity." It is better to offer to meet with you privately, then nobody will prevent you to speak frankly.
Don't make plans.
Do not torture yourself with unnecessary anxiety and do not make a plan of the conversation. You will see that your plan is still not implemented as conceived words will fly out of my head. Just set out the basic idea you want to convey to the chosen one.
Be natural.
Inviting a guy to meet, don't act like you unusual. Naturalness is a great quality in a man, which always attracts people. A sincere smile while talking can charm a guy, even if he first saw you. Remember that you are an attractive girl and be confident in the attractiveness. When a person loves himself, he subconsciously makes others positively to myself.