If you are experiencing the girl anxious feelings and want to start with her more serious and strong relationship in the first place should be selected for such an important recognition of the place and time. Strongly recommended to voice their intentions after two or three meetings, because despite the fact that women are by nature perceptive, even for subtle flair is too little time to tune in to the young man seriously. But if happens so that the girl after a first date ready to go out, then think about its reliability should have the guy. Choose a place for such intimate conversation where there is an opportunity to be alone, the girl was able to feel most relaxed and comfortable.
To show some romantic notes to your soul, invite the lady to a cozy restaurant or cafe. Such atmosphere will melt a girl's heart and play in your favor. The most ideal option – private cabin, dinner surrounded by candlelight and sounds of lyrical music. And to make the effects finally, make the offer to meet during the dance with a girl.
One sure way to win a woman's heart is a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Send to your beloved home with this gift, supplemented by a letter of offer. Will be very good if you write it in verse or, conversely, dilute the recognition of such a serious sense of humor. In addition, I can give some nice present – a stuffed toy, a pendant or a basket with sweets. As soft toys are very well suited Teddy bear or the hare.
If you don't know about the Hobbies of the object of his affection, the surest way to find out about them is to ask friends. They are happy to lay out all the necessary information, which will help to make an original proposal. For example, if the girl loved animals, invite her to the zoo, followed by picnic. In such a romantic atmosphere is sure to fall time to confess his true feelings.
If financial resources allow, invite your object of adoration for a great trip. This can be a tour of natural attractions or familiarity with unusual monuments. Change of familiar surroundings, great scenery and a leisurely walk are the perfect backdrop for a proposal.