Advice 1: How to make an appointment by phone

Most people think the phone is the fastest and most effective way to arrange a meeting. However, in this case has its pitfalls, especially when you get the meeting with the man who in this meeting is not interested. This can be, for example, the head of the company that you are considering as a client for your business or as potential employer. In this case, the success of negotiations will depend on how well you build a conversation with your partner.
How to make an appointment by phone
Please be courtesy and perseverance, build the conversation according to the following scheme:say Hello. Try to immediately ask the interview a positive tone. To do this, psychologists advise to sit comfortably and, if possible, even to lean back in the chair. In this position you gain in your lungs more air, and your voice will sound more loudly and confidently, not quietly and subdued, as when you sit, leaning forward and hunched. Slightly smile. You might be surprised to know that phone-caller can "hear" your smile by the sound of voices. Thus, from the beginning you position yourself as positive and confident person.
Introduce yourself. Say your name clearly and distinctly. If you call us personally and as a representative of the employer, indicate this.
Succinctly state purpose of your call is to arrange a meeting on a particular subject. Apply the method of "no-choice", which is used by many marketing companies. Ask the interlocutor: "When you prefer to meet tonight or tomorrow morning?" or "could you drive up before or after dinner?"
To save its time, the interlocutor may try to provoke you to discussion on the phone the subject matter that you want to meet. Do not fall for this provocation, remember that on the phone to deny you is much easier than in a personal meeting. Answer the questions in a General way, your goal - to interest the interlocutor, but to avoid discussing details. For example, if you are a sales Manager excavator plant, say, a plant that you represent, this month makes a good discounts, and the list of products on which the discounts, terms and additional conditions will tell you in detail at the meeting. Don't forget to add a photo of that when the meeting will give specific information would provide a detailed summary, show photos or your work, etc., depending on the specifics of your proposal.
In agreement with the interviewee set the time and place of the meeting. If you are going to come into the organization, ask whether you'll need a pass, and if so, who it will prescribe. If you have not seen the person and set up a meeting in a public place, ask how you will know him, as well as describe yourself.
Politely say goodbye.

Advice 2: How to make an appointment by phone

The Foundation of a successful business is effective communication. Communication with partners and customers, devoted to mass psychological literature. On this thread thrive and prosper personal growth trainings. One of the main means of communication along with personal interaction and communication in the Internet space, is the telephone. Often our first encounter begins with a telephone conversation. To properly start a conversation, to make a favorable impression on the interlocutor and to avoid common mistakes, appointing a meeting on the phone, you can follow the simple principles that govern the technology of effective telephone communications.
How to make an appointment by phone
Tune in on telephone conversation.
Before you take the phone, think again, to whom and for what purpose you are calling. Repeat the text of your speech. Tune in to business-like tone, but don't forget about friendly intonations.
Say Hello and introduce yourself.
When you first communicate with a specific person, then after the phrase "Good day" ask his name: "I talk to Ivan Ivanovich?", then introduce yourself and briefly explain how you got his phone number. For example, you could give your mutual friend, or you found his number in the ad.
Define the time boundaries of communication.
"Can you give me 3 minutes?" - if you agreed, continue. If you have been given to understand that now is not the time for conversation, ask what time would be convenient to call back, give thanks and say goodbye.
In fact, at this point, you got the first "Yes", i.e., consent to communicate with you now or at another time.
Get a second "Yes."
For example, you know the sphere of human activity, perhaps you know his position or his interest for anything. That's enough to ask a clarifying question: "do You do wholesale sales...?". Of course you will get the answer "Yes," and this is your second victory. The answer secure the the phrase "Great!" or "Great!", i.e. confirm that you are in conversation with those with whom you need.
Briefly explain what you company or in which direction you are working.
At this stage it is important to be creative and successfully make a phrase in such a way that it could interest the interlocutor. Start with the words, "And we just offer..." or "Our company is...". The rest of the sentence depends on your activity. Explain what you can be useful: to get additional profit, to save money on something, teach something, etc. a well-written phrase will help you to get the third Yes.
Offer to meet.
"Let us meet with you to discuss...". Mark the time boundaries of the meeting: "Our meeting in 30 minutes". Don't ask the question "can We meet to discuss...?". In the first version you will soon receive a consent to a meeting.
Set a meeting time.
"Meet me tomorrow at 11 or tomorrow at 12?" - so teaches the majority of psychology textbooks. Forget about the technology "no-Choice" - she is already so well-known, causing mistrust can spoil the impression from the previous conversation.
Encourage cooperation: "I would be comfortable tomorrow at 11 or Thursday after lunch, and when you more convenient?". Feel the difference? You may be offered another option. Agree, but first show your business status: "just a second, I'll look in the diary, but in this time I can."
Assign a meeting place.
"You prefer to come to our office? We are located at..." - clearly indicate the meeting place. It can be an office, cafe or Park. At the end again show the status of the business person: "so I write, on Thursday, at 13.30, Ivan...", say the purpose and place of the meeting. If your meeting will be more than two days, ask permission to make a test call the night before.
Secure success.
In parting, I will ask them to come to a meeting on time, because you are going to hire a specialist who can help sort out some issues. This course in psychology is called "Trap". Thus, you require a person to treat the meeting seriously and in addition impose on him the responsibility for the allocated time of another person.
Note another point, if your meeting as agreed will be held soon, the warning about the arrival of specialist do during a test call: "We are so fortunate, our meeting agreed to come...", "He will tell us...".
In fact, "Trap" is not a prerequisite in the process of conversation, you will feel, whether it is a necessity.
During a telephone conversation do not give details of the upcoming meeting. The interlocutor may have additional questions and if you join in the conversation, it becomes easier for him to deny you.

If, nevertheless, the interviewee tries to ask you an additional question, refer to the limitations of his own time: "Sorry, I five minutes a visitor, I'll tell you everything when we meet."
Useful advice
Telephone conversation should not last more than 2-3 minutes.
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