Please be courtesy and perseverance, build the conversation according to the following scheme:say Hello. Try to immediately ask the interview a positive tone. To do this, psychologists advise to sit comfortably and, if possible, even to lean back in the chair. In this position you gain in your lungs more air, and your voice will sound more loudly and confidently, not quietly and subdued, as when you sit, leaning forward and hunched. Slightly smile. You might be surprised to know that phone-caller can "hear" your smile by the sound of voices. Thus, from the beginning you position yourself as positive and confident person.
Introduce yourself. Say your name clearly and distinctly. If you call us personally and as a representative of the employer, indicate this.
Succinctly state purpose of your call is to arrange a meeting on a particular subject. Apply the method of "no-choice", which is used by many marketing companies. Ask the interlocutor: "When you prefer to meet tonight or tomorrow morning?" or "could you drive up before or after dinner?"
To save its time, the interlocutor may try to provoke you to discussion on the phone the subject matter that you want to meet. Do not fall for this provocation, remember that on the phone to deny you is much easier than in a personal meeting. Answer the questions in a General way, your goal - to interest the interlocutor, but to avoid discussing details. For example, if you are a sales Manager excavator plant, say, a plant that you represent, this month makes a good discounts, and the list of products on which the discounts, terms and additional conditions will tell you in detail at the meeting. Don't forget to add a photo of that when the meeting will give specific information would provide a detailed summary, show photos or your work, etc., depending on the specifics of your proposal.
In agreement with the interviewee set the time and place of the meeting. If you are going to come into the organization, ask whether you'll need a pass, and if so, who it will prescribe. If you have not seen the person and set up a meeting in a public place, ask how you will know him, as well as describe yourself.
Politely say goodbye.