Write the invitation in poetry. No need to copy ready-made works and the more grafomanskie delights, which you can easily find on various sites. Better writing something different: let the poem will be only 2-4 lines, but it will be yours. An invitation can be sent to the e-mail attaching the virtual card. Another option is to write a poem handwritten on a beautiful, original piece and to convey with someone from friends. For example, it is possible to make a kind of scroll or to take a delicate envelope, and gilded paper. You can even write a song of invitation and make her his lady.
Order in the online store luxury bouquet of flowers and ask them to invest in a card with an invitation for a date. At the appointed hour the courier will deliver the bouquet with a note to your beloved, they should deliver it as home, and at work. If you will choose the right flowers, the girl probably will not be able to resist such a gift and agree to go with you on a date. By the way, this is an appropriate option, even if you had a fight, and girlfriend now doesn't want to talk and especially to meet you. Bouquet will surely be the sign of attention that will help you to forget a grudge.
Ask someone of your friends to bring the girl a kind of telegram. It is advisable to print it on a computer with a special font to the telegram of invitation seemed quite official. Also your friend will have to ask the girl to sign for invitations to a date on a special form in the paragraph "come on a date agree."
Tell your beloved the envelope, made antique, and preferably sealed in imitation of wax. The envelope should be a sophisticated letter of invitation to a date, saying that the meeting place marked on the map. Attach also a map of the city, previously stylized her antique. Specify a meeting place and make sure that your fiancee knew immediately where it will be date.