First and foremost, remember this simple truth: even if you fail, life will not end. Be sure to meet a girl who will appreciate and love you. Therefore, it is not necessary to belittle yourself and give up. Will – well, will not work – no tragedy will not happen.
No templates! Try to spur the imagination, to restore at least some information about this girl. What does she like? What are her tastes, preferences and character? After all, if a girl is a modest, impressionable, your attempt to behave uninhibited, energetic (by the way, so guys often try to mask internal insecurities and shyness) perhaps she will like it! Most likely, she'll consider you a shameless and ill-mannered. On the contrary, emotional, cheerful girl who loves to be the center of a noisy group, unlikely to appeal to modest demure, from which every word should almost force out.
Try something to attract a girl's attention, to stand out from other guys and her fans that she is likely to have. But in any case it is impossible to sound restricted, rude, vulgar. Remember that men and women have different psychology. For example, a joke that causes a burst of laughter in the company of men, can cause only a weak smile women. And some of the fair half of mankind it will seem very bad, even vulgar. In other words, trying to show ourselves in the best possible way, don't forget still a wise truth: "Everything is good in moderation!" Assertiveness in no case should not go to swagger.
Remember that no girl will not remain indifferent to compliments. If you know how to pronounce them beautiful and at the same time original, consider that half the work is already done. At least have her attention and result in a good mood, and then everything depends on you.
Well, if there is no suitable thought stubbornly comes to mind, the phrase: "Girl, you are so amazingly charming that all harvested nice words flew out of my head!" will certainly make an impression. Especially if it is accompanied by a sincere smile and a loving look.