The first weapon, which you can use to attract a guy on the street is a look. When he saw a pretty young man look at him invitingly or provocatively, be sure to sincerely smiling all the while. Don't look for a long time to focus, put your eyes, only to each other close, and then, with a smile, look around and if the guy will also turn, look him in the eye. Disadvantage of this method is that the guy may not be configured to know to rush somewhere or just be embarrassed. But the likelihood that he will speak to you, great. Which means you will be able to meet with a guy, having a conversation or exchanging phones.
Usually if the weather is rainy – not the most pleasant circumstance, to experience it quite suitable. Choosing a handsome stranger, asked to him under the umbrella. It is unlikely that the guy will refuse.
Pretty corny sound Board to ask the way to meet a guy on the street. But you can resort to a small trick. Being in the place that you know well, look of a stranger moving in a certain direction, walk up to him and ask how to get there. Add to this utter confusion, and if the guy will like your smile, scared, angel eyes and flapping eyelashes, seasoned with sweet talk, he may offer to escort you.
Another textbook method of meeting, the Directors favorite romantic melodramas and other "blockbusters" – an "accidental" collision. To meet a guy on the street, organize this event, preferably, not in the crowded place. The girl is supposed to show yourself distracted or extremely busy person. Don't forget to bring "familiarity" some folders with a bunch of papers or bag with small objects. It is important that the folder is easily opened and unfolded bag. Collecting items with a stranger, to Express outrage or disappointment, depending on the circumstances.
If you have enough courage, build legends, for example, about a former guy who (that's nasty!) got a girlfriend and now walks with her in front of your perturbed eyes, grab any young man's arm, and simply tell him to smile. Dumbfounded the guy most likely to fulfill the request. Then he will demand an explanation, you will give him his legend. Just keep in mind that he will immediately start asking about your "caring" behavior in regard to "former". Therefore, the legend can optimize. Importantly, these Dating, the element of surprise and the creation of a situation of interaction. To attract a guy on the street in this way is quite easy, but you need to be prepared for the unexpected.