If you want to propose any girl you meet, in whatever form you're doing, try to choose a suitable time and place. Do not make such a proposal, if a girl sees you in the second or third time in my life. It's about you know nothing, and therefore is unlikely to consider your candidacy seriously. But if she agrees to have a close relationship from the very first meeting, you should consider the reliability and seriousness of the girl. A place for critical talk choose possible secluded, so you do not interfere, and to make the girl feel comfortable, relaxed.
Romantic nature will not remain indifferent to the suggestion, made in a comfortable, friendly setting of the cafe or restaurant. Invite one night your friend there. A private cabin where we can talk, dinner by candlelight, champagne, the enchanting sounds of lyrical melodies, a bouquet of superior flowers in a vase – all this will help to achieve the desired result. The offer can be made during a slow dance with a girl. Agree in advance with the musicians about any song you want subtext.
Send the girl home a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers, putting what you've written you a letter of offer. The text may be in verse, to write in a romantic style or sense of humor.
Scout from friends than interested in the girl, and make her something nice. If she collects, give the appropriate thing and beat in this regard your offer. If you like animals, such as horses, ask her to go to the place where you can go and feed them. Then after her organize a small picnic. During the meeting, find the right moment to Express his feelings.
Invite a girl to some interesting trip (which in itself is svoebraznym offer). For example, in lake Baikal, ride on the boat on the Volga river, view on the valley, Edelweiss, blooming magnolias, etc. Beautiful scenery, walks under the moon, the peaceful lapping of the water are a wonderful backdrop for your confessions.
If you're a girl - advanced computer users and can not live a day without the Internet, offer to meet real, but using a virtual space for you. Make a small video with your confessions, list it on Youtube and send the link to your beloved. Find fun, interesting pictures that would show what you want to say, sign and send them to the girl. Or just make the original text, and send the girl a virtual postcard with your proposal.
Universal prescriptions about how best to initiate a serious relationship, simply does not exist. But if you are serious and also like the girl, she will accept any your offer.