Ask permission before you start to ask and to persuade. If the interviewee time to listen to your question. This way you will emphasize your respect for the other person, its employment and free time.
Persuade beautiful, interesting, unpredictable. Surprisingly, it works. Moreover, psychologically it is much harder to refuse eloquent and a little sassy man. Use words of courtesy: "Please", "Thank you." Always Express your thanks after he has achieved his goal.
Smile. Be cheerful, smiling and charismatic. A good mood will help you achieve more than you think. People will gladly listen to you, thinking little of what you say, while naturally taking your point of view.
Do something for the person before you start to persuade him. Sometimes, it is very difficult to refuse someone who has already done something for you. Moreover, becoming a nice habit to do good. It always comes back.
Show someone the benefits of your ideas. If possible, could you tell how its implementation will conform to its interests. This allows to achieve the attention of the opponent.
Try to be not obvious in regards to the meeting their. Gently let the source to its goal. You will be more persuasive when your audience does not know what you are trying to convince her.
Persuade, but be prepared for failure. Oddly enough, if you are ready to hear "no" more often, you will answer "Yes." If this attitude is given to you hard, just imagine what can happen if you refused? Enough graciously accept failure, because it means that when you ask again, the answer is, most likely, will be positive.
Be honest. Honesty is very disarming quality. If you openly acknowledge that you, for example, ask and persuade exclusively for their own benefit, people are able to react to it. Sincerity is so unusual and rare that persuade suddenly agrees and helps.
The most important thing - to stop. Your opponent can find your persuasion annoying, and you are boring. If you found it annoying, to achieve their goals would be virtually impossible.