If you deleted your Inbox personally. It is worth remembering that when you check the mail box, at the same time it records the account of the respective system. To recover a deleted mailbox, log into your account and clicking on "create mailbox". However, be aware that to restore the contents of the mail box will be impossible.
If you have deleted not only your Inbox, but also your entire account, you'll have to re-register in the system. The name of the remote account usually is considered to be occupied within three months. For this reason, you will not be able to register under its former name in this period. If after this time, your previous address will not be busy with any third-party user, you have the opportunity to register a mailbox under your name.
Also, a mailbox can be deleted for non-use period (on average, its length is from 3 to 6 months) specified in the user agreement. To recover the mailbox in this case, contact technical support system providing you.
Often the reason for the removal of the post box can serve as sending spam and virus messages with your mailing address. Usually, this happens if your mail got access to attackers. In this case, the system disables or deletes your Inbox. To resolve this issue, contact technical support which will help in restoring your email box.