You will need
  • - Internet access
If you had not used e-mailbox and therefore it was blocked, click the "Recover password". If you will open a window with the appropriate name, enter in the fields your username and answer your secret question, exactly the same as it did when this e-mail. Or enter your phone number which will receive message with new password.
If in case of recovery of password to the mailbox when you register you choose additional e-mail, enter it in the field provided. To the specified address you will receive a link to restore access to your mailbox.
In addition, some mail servers, for example, Mail.Ru you can use the "Mail forward", if your box that you want to restore has been configured to forward incoming correspondence. For this special field to restore access, enter the email address that has been configured to send emails, and press enter. The specified mailbox will receive a letter with the new password.
In that situation, when a mailbox has been blocked due to your fault, for example, you are accused of sending spam or any other violations of the user agreement, contact "customer support" provider of postal services. Find e-mail address in the section "Contacts" or "feedback". Please include the username of the drawer that you ask to unlock and promise that this won't happen again. If there was a misunderstanding, and your guilt in the incident, specify the employees of the mail server on it.
There are situations when a mailbox cannot be restored. For example, if you removed it yourself, and expired when it was still possible to unlock. In this case, it will be easier to make new e-mail.