You will need
  • Internet
In practice, the restoring access to a mailbox looks simple enough. Everything you need to know that you will be able to recover the password – answer to security question. This response must be entered on a special page, which is available to the user immediately after submitting the restore request. After you enter a response to a screening question, you will be given a new password that you can change the settings in your email account.
What is the answer to a security question and where to take it? The answer to the test question is a phrase or combination of characters that user enters when registering email account. At this stage the user is offered to choose one of the options of question that you need to enter the answer. This question will be further specified when trying to retrieve the password. Also, the user can choose his own variant of the question to be asked when you request the restoration of access.
I should add that when registering we should not neglect the security, by entering simple passwords. Try to combine letters with numbers and permitted service marks. This way you protect your email account from hacking, and not to forget the password before you enter it during registration, the password should be written on paper and rewrite it already.