You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - mobile phone
Use password recovery if you forgot it. In the main window of the mail program click the link: "Forgot password?" or similar.
Select one of the proposed options for changes to personal data to gain access to his email page. Such capabilities are: the secret question and your answer additional e-mail, mobile phone.
If you chose the option: "Change password using mobile phone", enter in the appropriate field of your room. If he will match those which you specified during the registration process, the mail system will be allowed to enter a new password.
By staying on the option "security question", find the list of the secret question that you answered during registration or enter your. Then enter the answer to the secret question. It needs to be exactly the same as you. If the answer is correct, you will have the opportunity to change the password to your mailbox.
Using the possibility of "Additional e-mail", in the field provided, enter the additional email address you provided during registration box. Open the specified drawer, there should be an email with a link to change password.
If your email is registered, for example, on the server use the password recovery system (link given below).
In the field provided, enter your username and click "Next". To recover the password, select one of the offered ways.
Enter your phone number without dashes and spaces. You will receive a text message containing a special code. Enter the received code in the appropriate field and press "Enter".
Then add the new password again and press Enter. To password different reliability, use at least six digits and letters of different register.
Enter the new password to log in to your mailbox. Password recovery in other mail systems basically according to the same algorithm.