You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
If you do not use the mailbox of any service for more than six months, it will be automatically blocked for a certain period of time, after which removed. To avoid losing your e-mail box, you need to periodically send messages to other users. If your email is blocked, you can try to remove it.
Recovery locked mailbox. You have a certain period of time to recover mail before your email account will be deleted. When you restore access you will see the following. The login attempt will fail and the screen will display information that if you are the owner of this account, you can recover it. You should go to the attached link and follow the instructions for return of old mail in your use.
If the mail account was deleted from the server, can restore your mailbox will not work. The only thing you can do in this situation – a new way to register a mailbox with the same address. If you enter the name is already exists, you can try to contact the new owner a mail and ask him to give account for your use.