You will need
  • - Internet access
To find remote email, please check your mailbox folder "Trash". If the letter was removed recently perhaps it is there. If you need the emails in that folder no, you will not be able to restore it.
Directory "Basket" is cleared each time you exit your email program. This setting is the default and you can change it. To do this, go to settings and select the tab "Interface" mailbox. In the bottom of the page, in the paragraph "shutdown", remove the tick next to the sentence: "empty trash on exit".
Look for the desired letter in the "Sent" folder, if it was outbound. Note the folder "Spam" - perhaps, the program sent the information you need, mistaking them for useless advertising newsletter or something similar.
Be aware of the fact that to restore deleted emails on the service Mail.Ru impossible because the server does not store backups. Order meaningful to you letters preserved in the mailbox, add the user interface is an additional folder in which you will need to move important correspondence.
To add a folder to save the emails, click on the home page your Inbox the link "Settings" then go to "Folders" and click "Create new folder". You will see a window where you can give it a name and protect the new directory with a password. Then click "Create". Now all the emails you want to save, don't forget to move to the folder you created.
In any case, contact customer support and ask if they have the opportunity to make an exception for you and find a very valuable remote by mistake a letter. Although the probability of efficiency of such requests is small.