To restore the old emailthat you used previously, go to the official website of the service. For example, your mailbox was domain that means, you need to go at At this point in time there are many different services that provide similar services. The sites can belong not only to Russia but also to foreign countries.
Use the browser to go to the website. Next, click the "Forgot password" or "Recover access". Everywhere the menu is written in different ways. Enter your username or your email address old. Click "Restore" or "Next". The system will automatically give you the option to answer your security question to regain access to the mailbox.
In some systems it is required a confirmation phone number. To do this, it needs to be active. Enter the data that will be requested by the system. Many services quite often show errors when entering control information, because case-sensitive characters. If you entered data in the registration box in big letters, when you restore exactly the same and you need to register information.
There is also a special support to real-time to help users. Write an email with request to restore your account in the system. In this case you need to specify all the data that you have. Be sure to write the letter the address to which to respond. If you are asked to specify any additional data, send it by email. You will be responded to within three working days, ie excluding weekends.