Answer your secret question, which will give you access to the password recovery system. This method of password recovery e-mail is the oldest, used in all postal services. The secret question when registering your mailbox. This question may be standard, versions of which are in the drop-down list, for example "Mark's first car", "mother's Maiden name" or "Last 5 digits of INN, and that is created during registration. The password recovery system is activated in case of writing the correct answer. Choose a secret question so that the answer was known as a smaller number of people (ideally only you), in order to avoid email hacking.
Write the address of the additional mailbox. This e-mail address, as well as secret question indicated in registration process e-mail and, after it receives a special letter, which confirms that this mailbox belongs to you and is used for recovery. In case you don't remember the answer to the secret question, system restore will ask you to write additional address to which an email will be sent with instructions on how to reset and restore forgotten password.
Use your mobile phone attached to the mail account. Some services apply validation account email via SMS. In the case of a lost password from this mailbox, as the recovery option, the system prompts you to enter the number linked to the account of mobile phone (or several digits), we will send you a message with a recovery code that gives access to the system password reset. Please note that the phone number should be spelled out in the email account. Otherwise, this method will not work.