Advice 1: As Vistanova remote account

In some cases, especially when a software or system crash, deleted user accounts of the operating system. When the new computer boots, the user cannot log into the system under your login. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, but do not despair. Operating system Windows XP and above, provides a very useful utility which helps in most cases of system failure. It's called "system Restore" or in English "System Restore".
This utility, if you do not go into the details, helps to return the computer to the condition it was in before the failure. Each time you install programs or drivers, this utility stores the system image on the hard disk, and therefore, if necessary they can be easily restored.
As Vistanova remote account
Go to start menu – All programs – accessories – system tools (All Programs | Accessories | System Tools).
In poyavivshiesya window "Welcome to wizard recovery system" ("Welcome To System Restore) click "Next" (Next).
In the "Select a restore point" Select A Restore Point) you must choose a restore point on the date when the operating system worked without a glitch.
Click "Next" (Next).
Thus, you run the utility to restore operating system state before the failure.
In the end this utility will restart the computer. After the reboot, deleted the account should appear in the selection window of users. But, we must remember that recovers not only the profile of this user, restores the state of all existing profiles on this computer. If you have installed any program, that after a failure they will be removed. If still not helped, you can return to the original state of the operating system. To do this, cancel the utility "system Restore" (System Restore).
To do this, go to the utility "system Restore" (System Restore). In the "Welcome to system restore wizard" Welcome To System Restore) choose the option "Undo my last restoration" (Undo My Last Restoration). Then follow the instructions. At completion the computer will restart again.
This utility can not help. It depends on the settings of your operating system, and hard disk capacity of your computer. The fact that the system images are stored on the hard disk, and when not enough space is allocated for them, all these images are overwritten new. Utility system restore can be easily disabled. This is done to save space on your hard drive, but despite the space-saving hard drive, disable it is not recommended.

Advice 2: How to remove user account Windows XP

Operating system Windows XP is designed to work with multiple users. Their account is changed when you restart the computer or logoff. If necessary, any accounting entry you can remove a user.
How to remove user account Windows XP
Account management (accounts) users on a Windows operating system is carried out by special service. In order to run it, go to "start" and then click "control Panel". In the folder control panel, double-click on the icon "user Accounts". In the service window displays all user accounts on this computer. By using the service, user accounts can be temporarily disabled or removed completely. You can't disable or delete the account record of the administrator with special rights.
In order to delete your record computer user, select the account and click its icon. This action will open the window of account settings, which will represent all the possible actions with it. In order to remove an entry Windows XP user, click on the link "Delete account". Then select the action you want to perform deleted files account. These data can be stored on the administrator's desktop, or permanently delete from your computer. Selecting the action, confirm the account deletion.
In addition you can log on to the system using an individual account, has almost unlimited rights to log on to Windows XP you can use a special type of account called "Guest". Accounting entry of the guest cannot be deleted, but if necessary it can be disabled. To do this, select the account record as the guest services window "user Accounts" and click "Disable account "Guest". Now when you turn on the computer choose the account to login will not be provided.
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