Log in to your account at one of the email services by entering a username and password. If you do not use this e-mail within the period specified in the agreement, then you will be able to resume her work by clicking on the button "Unblock" or "Restore". Access the box you will again open, however, the information previously contained in it, will not be saved. Please note: on the most popular e-mail is blocked if it is not treated within 3 months.
If you or the other person holding the information to log into your account, deleted the mailbox, then within a month after removal, you will be able to request technical support or service administration with a request to restore it. Please have your username, password, secret question and answer (your mobile phone number, address, other email). After some time, your mailbox will be restored, again, without saving the previously existing information. If you have forgotten the password to your old email, in many cases it will be sufficient to specify a secret question and answer, another e-mail, phone number, but only under the condition that this information was provided in your account.
If you deleted the mailbox along with the user account, then restore it will be impossible. The only thing you can do in this situation is to create a new account with the same name. But if during the registration process, you will find that the login is already in use by another user, create a mailbox with a similar name.
To restore Outlook mailbox remotely using the Get-RemovedMailbox, use the same command in Windows PowerShell. However, this method can be used only under the condition that since removal was not more than 30 days.