You will need
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • browser.
Load the browser and go to the website Go to your personal page, by entering username and password on request website. As a rule, must be entered correctly, as the system can accept the operation for hacking, if repeatedly typed incorrectly combination. Locate the page of the person hidden pictures which you want to view.
Find out the unique number of the user of this man. To do this, carefully examine the link to the page. At the end of the references must be located after the equal sign. This is the desired combination of numbers.
Place the cursor in the input line of the address and manually enter the link "" adding after the last character equals the unique number of your friend, whose hidden pictures you want to see. Hit enter and when the page loads, the photos will be available.
You can also see all the hidden photo albums on the link "" video link "" and opinions about the man - "". Do not forget only at the end links to add a unique number.
Similarly, you can view closed photos through the website About half of the users of social network "Vkontakte" go through this website. To view closed photos, need to use the link Instead of user fits the user's nickname or id. After photo printed room photos. In many cases, the number is automatically determined.
If you go through the website then everything is done the same way as with the domain Just do not forget that is fits
On many sites you can find the so-called "holes" through which you can bypass the rules established by the creators of the site. But we should not abuse such opportunities, as you are unlikely to be wanted that these capabilities would be used against you. If people hide pictures from prying eyes, it is only his initiative, and you can't stop it. You can also just ask them to add you as a friend to see all of the hidden pictures. It all depends on what method you use.