Social network Vkontakte

Social network Vkontakte allows you to create photo albums. To make it possible for every registered user with the button "Create album", which is in the section "Photos". In addition, if you wish, you can restrict the range of persons who can watch the different photos. To change the display settings in the "Settings" tab "Privacy" or in the settings of a particular album.

Viewing albums VK

For the standard view of all albums need to login with your social network using the login and password to access the page to any specific friend and click on "Albums", which is located above the photos in the left menu. After that, you need a little bit scroll down until until you see the inscription "Show all albums". After click will open all the available albums, and they can be viewed.

It is worth noting one important caveat, which is that not all users want their photos and other information reviewed all of the users of social network Vkontakte. In this regard, the privacy settings can be set by a special parameter, which will prevent some albums from prying eyes.

If the user has limited the range of persons who can view the albums in the social network Vkontakte and these pictures will not be displayed, you can use a third-party resource (or resources) that will enable you to see all user albums, even the closed ones. For example, one such resource is the website, which has a slightly changed appearance, but its interface is very similar to Vkontakte. After the user logs in with your username and password, he can go to the page for the person and click on the word Photos with User, and then open all the photos in which the tagged person.

There are two good resource is: and that work practically the same. To see what is hidden from the user the information necessary to enter an ID the person is interested in and click the "Watch" button. After the system receives the data, the user can view not only the hidden albums, but notes, apps and more. It should be noted that these resources do not require any usernames and passwords, which means they will not be able to access confidential user information.