You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - any Internet browser.
  • - links to deleted photos.
If you accidentally delete the album from your account "Vkontakte" and once noticed, it can be easily fixed. When you delete photos or the whole album is displayed under "Photos removed. To restore".
Click the left mouse button on the option "Restore" once and deleted photos from album will appear again in his place, and will be available for viewing. Will remain as all comments and other mark. But if you're after a removal will immediately leave the page "Edit album", then recover deleted photos would be impossible.
If the album has lost some of the photos and left only empty images, it became impossible for them to view, comment on, or tag people, leave a complaint, written in a certain form. Don't forget to include a link to the pictures disappeared after removing them privacy. Place a bid only if photo does not appear more than one week.
There is a perception that all you deleted albums still remain on the site server. Try to write a letter to tech support. Perhaps they will be able to search, browse, and return you to the album. VKontakte keeps a lot of remote information, but given the large number of users, administrators can be hard to find. If you recorded direct links to pictures is a much easier task and soon they will be available to you.