Advice 1: How to restore album Vkontakte

Social network "Vkontakte" is the largest photo sharing site in the CIS. Every day the website is downloaded more than 12 million new photos and stored more than 4 billion has already been loaded. So if you accidentally deleted your album, to restore it will be very difficult, but there are several ways.
How to restore album Vkontakte
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - any Internet browser.
  • - links to deleted photos.
If you accidentally delete the album from your account "Vkontakte" and once noticed, it can be easily fixed. When you delete photos or the whole album is displayed under "Photos removed. To restore".
Click the left mouse button on the option "Restore" once and deleted photos from album will appear again in his place, and will be available for viewing. Will remain as all comments and other mark. But if you're after a removal will immediately leave the page "Edit album", then recover deleted photos would be impossible.
If the album has lost some of the photos and left only empty images, it became impossible for them to view, comment on, or tag people, leave a complaint, written in a certain form. Don't forget to include a link to the pictures disappeared after removing them privacy. Place a bid only if photo does not appear more than one week.
There is a perception that all you deleted albums still remain on the site server. Try to write a letter to tech support. Perhaps they will be able to search, browse, and return you to the album. VKontakte keeps a lot of remote information, but given the large number of users, administrators can be hard to find. If you recorded direct links to pictures is a much easier task and soon they will be available to you.
If the complaint to the administration of "Vkontakte" about the disappearance of photos is not written on the form, it will not be considered.
Useful advice
If, instead of pictures there was an inscription "the server is temporarily unavailable", this means that the site being down for maintenance and you need to wait a bit. Refresh the page after a few minutes, and the photos are in place.

Advice 2 : How to restore the network

The installation of certain programs, including antivirus software, may harm the stable operation of the local network. In such situations, you must restore the settings or completely reconfigure the connection to the server.
How to restore the network
In the event if failure of the LAN network was caused by the installation of any program, be sure to remove it. Perform a full uninstall of a program. Click the "start" menu and select "control Panel". Click "add or remove programs".
Find the newly installed app, select its name with the left mouse button you click the Delete button. Follow the steps below to complete this process. Open the folder containing this utility, and delete the remaining files. Then restart the computer.
If the local network is still working properly, reset all the prescribed routes. To do this, press the Win key (start) and R. Type cmd in the field provided and press Enter. Launch the Windows command line.
Enter the command route –f and press Enter. After clearing all the routes again restart the computer. Start the service to fix problems with the network. Open the control center network and sharing, click on the icon network connections.
Select "Change adapter settings". Right-click on the icon of the desired network card. Select "Diagnostics". Wait for the operating system will perform all the necessary manipulations. Restart the computer and check the quality of the network.
To restore the network built with the router, you must reset the operating parameters of this device. Disconnect all cables from the equipment, press the Reset button and hold for a few seconds. Usually pressing this button, you must use a pen or stylus.
Turn on the router and reconfigure the settings of his work. During system reset, deleted all settings, including the routing table. If you are not sure that you will be able to restore the desired settings, use the factory settings of the equipment.

Advice 3 : How to recover deleted messages Vkontakte

Periodically, the users of social network "Vkontakte" find missing messages in your profile. To recover deleted messages Vkontakte can, using the special features of this social network.
Deleted messages Vkontakte can recover
Don't rush to "beat the alarm" to find that the Messages section is empty. Perhaps the Inbox is still in its place, but there's a bug on the site or network. Try to reconnect to the Internet, reload the page and re-enter her username and password, and then re-check your message folder. Perhaps you are unable to find the message for the reason that switched to the dialogue system, when messages are grouped in accordance with the users with whom correspondence was carried on. Select the dialogue with the right person and using the search function try to find the lost message.
Click "Restore" if you have just accidentally deleted a conversation with any user. Recover deleted messages "Vkontakte" in this way you will be able only in case, if you have not refreshed the page or went away from it.
Check your email, if you have configured a social network "Vkontakte" you have activated the option "Notify by E-mail". In this case in the mail a notification of incoming messages by displaying their text. So you will be able to restore accidentally deleted on the page information.
Activate the offline mode of the browser immediately after you detect the loss of messages. Next, try flipping the recently visited page through the "history" of the browser. If you're lucky, you'll find the page with the messages in the same condition as when they were still on it.
Ask for help from a friend, the correspondence with whom was accidentally deleted. At your request, it can copy the text of the message dialog and send it to you if he persisted in the user profile.
Write in support of the social network by clicking the link "Help" at the bottom of the main page. Let the professionals that have accidentally deleted important messages. Support the users may go forward and recover deleted messages "Vkontakte" its methods.
Try to take advantage of special sites and programs that restore deleted messages, records from the wall and other information. You can find them through any of the search engines. Beware of scams and don't leave anyone your login details in profile "Vkontakte".

Advice 4 : How to view all albums VK

Modern social networks offer their users a huge number of different possibilities and one of browse photos from album human.
How to view all albums VK

Social network Vkontakte

Social network Vkontakte allows you to create photo albums. To make it possible for every registered user with the button "Create album", which is in the section "Photos". In addition, if you wish, you can restrict the range of persons who can watch the different photos. To change the display settings in the "Settings" tab "Privacy" or in the settings of a particular album.

Viewing albums VK

For the standard view of all albums need to login with your social network using the login and password to access the page to any specific friend and click on "Albums", which is located above the photos in the left menu. After that, you need a little bit scroll down until until you see the inscription "Show all albums". After click will open all the available albums, and they can be viewed.

It is worth noting one important caveat, which is that not all users want their photos and other information reviewed all of the users of social network Vkontakte. In this regard, the privacy settings can be set by a special parameter, which will prevent some albums from prying eyes.

If the user has limited the range of persons who can view the albums in the social network Vkontakte and these pictures will not be displayed, you can use a third-party resource (or resources) that will enable you to see all user albums, even the closed ones. For example, one such resource is the website, which has a slightly changed appearance, but its interface is very similar to Vkontakte. After the user logs in with your username and password, he can go to the page for the person and click on the word Photos with User, and then open all the photos in which the tagged person.

There are two good resource is: and that work practically the same. To see what is hidden from the user the information necessary to enter an ID the person is interested in and click the "Watch" button. After the system receives the data, the user can view not only the hidden albums, but notes, apps and more. It should be noted that these resources do not require any usernames and passwords, which means they will not be able to access confidential user information.

Advice 5 : How to find all links to the site

The presence of sites linking to a particular resource, the most important factor for successful website promotion in search engines. The more quality backlinks the higher position in the results. Tracking links is very important for SEO and owners of Internet resources.
How to find all links to the site
Links to the website are called backlinks, or inbound Burlingame, and referring sites the sites-donors. Their presence is the most important factor in the promotion of the resource. The owners are interested in increasing the reference mass, as it affects the good position in SERP. The more links, the higher the credibility. Sites that ranked in the TOP issue, that is in the top ten, have a large number of visitors. More visitors, higher income from the site.

Tracking links to your resource

Account with the major search engines Google and Yandex, it is easy to track and analyze backlinks to your resource with services for webmasters. In Yandex's Webmaster Google Tools for webmasters.

In addition, Yandex has Yandex Metrika. A service that gives a complete picture of the functioning of the website, including the availability of back links and targeted analysis.

On the General tab, the information of webmaster Yandex there is a line about external links to the site. Diagram of external links gives you the ability to download the document for a detailed study of the reference resources. This allows you to monitor the availability of purchased links and links of natural origin, as well as the quality of backlinks.

On the service tools for webmasters Google will open a list of all links that Google takes into account and study them on one page, which is very convenient visually.

As a Webmaster Yandex and Google webmaster shows only the links that each of them takes into account the many other analizatora resources. They can be used to track all the links that lead to the site. You can monitor and resources of competitors and their own.

That website had a lot of quality backlinks, you need to include interesting content, catching visitors on their pages, forcing them to return again and again to refer to the articles and to recommend it to other Internet users.
This is the ideal. In practice, sites often promote buying backlinks.

In either case, to track not only the presence but also the quality of donors is necessary. Search engines take into account only links from sites with homogenous or similar subjects. Such links have weight. All the others can severely damage the resource.

Services control backlinks for all sites

Respected and popular among optimizers are considered web resources (former, RDS,,, and many others. Both Russian and foreign.

The principle of finding links to them is about the same. In the analyzer window, the usual address of a site or several sites. Of the many results of the chosen one that will show the presence of backlinks. Not all analyzers have the ability to see everything in detail, so you'll have to conduct an audit of resources that are necessary to use.

As a rule, analizatora services, where you can see backlinks on any resource are based on the exchange of links. Therefore, they are partially free, i.e. give the possibility to analyze a certain number of sites, a limited number of indicators. But there are completely free, but at least a detailed and comfortable.

In addition, none of the analyzer does not give an exact number of backlinks to the site. Therefore, it is important to go through them, analyse them and choose those resources, the results of which will seem the most complete.

Despite the fact that Yandex announced the change of the principles of promotion of sites in the TOP, and now, the most important factor of visitor behavior on the website, practice shows that the highest index of citation almost guarantees the first line in the results.
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