You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
You should understand that hacking someone's account, any attempt of unauthorized access are illegal. At the same time, something that is not forbidden is allowed. If the user has not closed some of the materials and they are available when you click on the link, no one can bring you any claims.
In a social network "Vkontakte" to see the closed from prying eyes the details only if closed access directly to the main user's account page, but not to the hosted content. If the government bans the folder individually, to obtain lawful access to stored content will not work.
To be able to look at photos, videos, notes, and gifts that are on a locked page, find out its ID (a unique number). To do this, first log in to the service under your credentials, and then open the account and after a warning will appear stating that the holder has restricted access rights, pay attention to the line at the top of the window. There you will see approximately such inscription: instead of 12345678 will be the ID of the desired user.
Determine what you want to see on his page. If you need to look at gifts, enter in the address bar where is ID's necessary to substitute the numbers the user ID. To send gift to a person with a closed page type
To view a photo album, you need a link Go for it, replacing the digital ID to the real user ID, and you will see pictures on his page.
To view videos, you must type in the browser address bar replacing again the digital ID code of the user's account.
You can view notes by clicking on the link To view the notes type