Advice 1: How to Facebook hide audio

Social network Vkontakte allows its users to chat with their friends, watch videos, consist of groups and communities, and to give each other gifts. In addition, this website contains one of the largest databases of audio recordings.
How to Facebook hide audio
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
VKontakte you can easily hide from other users any information from your page, starting with personal data and ending records on the wall. A list of your audio recordings is no exception, and the same may be hidden from your friends. To make the list hidden, log on to their page in this social network by typing in special strings your username and password.
You will see a window where you will see your photo, your personal details, the wall, and in the upper left corner of this page will be located following menu: "My profile", "My friends", "My photos" "My videos", "My audio recordings", "My message", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Click on the "My settings". In the window that opens on the top are located the following tabs: "General", "Privacy", "Warning", "blacklist", "Mobile services", "Balance". To hide audiozapisi you need to change the privacy, so click on the second tab.
A window opened in front of you will contain several blocks, which you can edit access to the page (choose which users will be able to see), the possibility of a relationship with you through video sessions and messaging, the ability to view records on your wall and access your personal information. To close the option of viewing your music, select "My page". In this section you will be able to close access to view your basic information, photos you're tagged in, videos, and groups list of your gifts, friends list, and the list of your recordings. Next to "Who can see my list of recordings" the window "All users". Clicking on it, you will be able to change these settings and open access to its music only to your friends, some friends or shut it down.

Advice 2: How to view hidden pictures Vkontakte

On the website "Vkontakte" has its own rules. You can protect your pictures from prying eyes by installing only access the friend list. Accordingly, you cannot view the pictures from the albums of other users, friends are not. But what if hidden so the pictures look like? There is a simple way to bypass this rule.
How to view hidden pictures Vkontakte
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • browser.
Load the browser and go to the website Go to your personal page, by entering username and password on request website. As a rule, must be entered correctly, as the system can accept the operation for hacking, if repeatedly typed incorrectly combination. Locate the page of the person hidden pictures which you want to view.
Find out the unique number of the user of this man. To do this, carefully examine the link to the page. At the end of the references must be located after the equal sign. This is the desired combination of numbers.
Place the cursor in the input line of the address and manually enter the link "" adding after the last character equals the unique number of your friend, whose hidden pictures you want to see. Hit enter and when the page loads, the photos will be available.
You can also see all the hidden photo albums on the link "" video link "" and opinions about the man - "". Do not forget only at the end links to add a unique number.
Similarly, you can view closed photos through the website About half of the users of social network "Vkontakte" go through this website. To view closed photos, need to use the link Instead of user fits the user's nickname or id. After photo printed room photos. In many cases, the number is automatically determined.
If you go through the website then everything is done the same way as with the domain Just do not forget that is fits
On many sites you can find the so-called "holes" through which you can bypass the rules established by the creators of the site. But we should not abuse such opportunities, as you are unlikely to be wanted that these capabilities would be used against you. If people hide pictures from prying eyes, it is only his initiative, and you can't stop it. You can also just ask them to add you as a friend to see all of the hidden pictures. It all depends on what method you use.

Advice 3: How to see the hidden text

Not all text on a web page visible to the visitor immediately after it is loaded. Sometimes it is hidden text. This can be, for example, the answer to the math problem, the answer to the riddle. Also hidden are the keywords intended for search engines.
How to see the hidden text
On wikis invisible can be large fragments of textand cluttering the article, and also spoilers - review, and annotation of the films, revealing the plot (after reading the films interesting to watch). To read this snippet, click the link labeled "Show" (it may have other names). After this all the text below it down, and the vacant place is a hidden fragment.
On sites not using wiki technology, is often used a slightly different method of turning textand invisible. Its essence lies in the fact that the characters are the same color as the background, why merge with him. If the publisher has not tested the website in all browsers, it is possible that of them you use, the text and so will be visible. And textoriented browsers such as Lynx, he will be so mandatory. If the site is fully compatible with your browser, select a hidden fragment of the mouse as if you wanted to copy it. After that it becomes visible.
If you wish, you can make a hidden fragant the textand on their own page. For this look, which color is set for the page background to <body bgcolor=rrggbb>. Install the same color and font of the corresponding fragment of the textand the tag <font color=rrggbb>. At the end of a hidden fragment put </font>
Keywords intended for search engines, as well as comments in the HTML code and scripts when viewing the page in the usual way on the screen do not appear. To view them display the source code of the page. In most browsers, you can use the command "View" - "Source code". If the page is very large, to quickly find key words follow in the texte search for keywords. The transition to entering the search string by pressing Ctrl+F.

Advice 4: As Facebook to give gifts

Social networks bring people closer. And friends sometimes want to make surprises, for example, to give gifts. In a social network "Vkontakte" it is very easy.
A gift is always nice
As in different casteth, "Vkontakte" there are several ways to do something nice for a loved one. It concerns the gifts, which are usually paid, but there are ways that help to avoid the fate of parting with a few hundred hard-earned rubles.

Free gifts

Free cheese is full of many traps, and Facebook is hardly an exception. Of course, the free gift is the reality, but only if the user will be able to get more than 100% reputation. Only then can click on the link under the avatar of a friend and to make it enjoyable.

However, to obtain such a high rating of friends or acquaintances to vote for a certain person in the social network. Thus to earn grades, which offer certain privileges and allow you to give gifts for free.

However, there is one feature. The vote is also deemed to be paid, but because it seems sometimes the more simple option is to ask a friend to give something to get someone to spend money on voting.

The normal option to give a gift

The most common way to make nice is a choice under the avatar on the "Send gift". After clicking on the link to see how many votes you will have to spend in a particular case. Voice is a kind of universal means of payment within the system, which can be purchased for real money.

There are several ways. The easiest phone SMS. Usually in the place of payment is specified, which number should be sent a reference number in order to get votes. Each of these is assessed in its amount, but because care when you pay will not be superfluous.

Also, it is easy to use as a payment media, virtual money is like "VENOM" or Webmoney, credit card Visa or Master, as well as other methods. The developers "Vkontakte" has made sufficient efforts to provide the most convenient way to part with their money.

It can even be a payment terminal, among which the greatest popularity QIWI, standing in large cities on almost every corner. The convenience is that you can pay the required amount of real money. And then, you can convert the received voice into one or another gift.

And again. The gift can be personal, visible to everyone or anonymous. This allows you to present a present so that no one guessed the significance of the gift.

Advice 5: How to hide audio Vkontakte

Social network "Vkontakte" every day is gaining popularity. Users can not only communicate with each other, consist of various thematic groups, but also to listen to audio.
How to hide audio Vkontakte

How to hide audio recordings of "Vkontakte" from all users?

If you don't want other people had available a list of songs that you have added to your playlist, you can easily hide them. To do this, log on to their page in this social network, using the username and password you specified at registration. You will see a window in the center of which is your main picture to the right basic information about you, and on the left menu, containing such sections as "My page", "My message", "My friends", "My videos", "My music", "My groups", "My pictures", "My app", "My settings", "Documents".

Click on the words "My settings". This way you will be able to open the window, the top of which will notice the tab "General", "Privacy", "Warning", "blacklist", "Mobile services", "Balance". Open the second tab by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Now here is a window in which there are sections of "My page", "Records per page", "contact me", "Other". In the first section, select the inscription, "Who sees a list of my audio recordings", placed next to the button "All users". Click on it and in the opened list select "Only me".

Some people believe that you can keep your audio another way. They go to the "My settings", find the "General" tab. There appear the following paragraphs: "Additional services", "Settings " walls", "Change password", "Your email Address" "Your phone Number", "Your page", "Address Your page", "Regional settings", "appearance Settings".

In the first paragraph are the services that are displayed in the menu on the left side of your page. Users will find the button "My music" and clean out the tick. However, such action to hide the list of songs impossible. You just remove the access to the playlist from the main menu, but the record is still open.

How to hide audio recordings of "Vkontakte" from some users?

If you want your audio was available not only to you but to some other users perform the same operation, but when you click on the button "All users", select one of the buttons, "All but", "Some friends", "friends Only", "Selected from a list of friends, Friends and friends of friends."

Advice 6: How to hide comments Vkontakte

Social network "Vkontakte" gives its users opportunities. Not only can you chat with your buddies, comment on posts and photos, but also choose specific people who can see your information.
How to hide comments Vkontakte
If you want to hide comments on your wall, login to your page "Vkontakte", using the data for authorization. In the upper left corner of the window, a menu will appear where you will see the sections "My page", "My friends", "My pictures, My videos, My music", "My message", "My groups", "Documents", "Applications", "My answers", "My settings". Press the left mouse button on the last section. This will open a window in the top which will find the tab "General", "Privacy", "Warning", "blacklist", "Mobile services", "Balance". Go to the second tab such a click on the left mouse button.
Now in front of you a page where you can set privacy settings. Here you will see the "My page", "wall posts", "my", "Other". In the second paragraph there is a column "Who sees the comments on my posts." To the right of this row is a button "All users". When you click this button, you will see the tab. contains the following items: "Some friends", "Friends and friends of friends," "Some friends", "Everything but...", "Only you", "Just friends". If you want to hide comments from all users, click the "Only me". If you want the comments to remain accessible to your friends, click "friends Only". If you want to hide comments from some people from your friends list, click "All except...", and then select the users who will not be able to see your comments. Similarly, you can allocate access to records by other buttons in front of you.
In addition, you have an opportunity not only hide comments on your page, but also to limit the possibility of their sending. This is done in a similar way, only instead of changes in the section "Who can see comments on my entries," you should make them under "Who can comment on my notes."
There is another way disable the ability to leave comments on your wall. Go to "My settings", select the "General" tab. In the "wall Settings" check the box next to "Disable commenting records." Thus no user will be able to add a comment on your wall.
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