You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
VKontakte you can easily hide from other users any information from your page, starting with personal data and ending records on the wall. A list of your audio recordings is no exception, and the same may be hidden from your friends. To make the list hidden, log on to their page in this social network by typing in special strings your username and password.
You will see a window where you will see your photo, your personal details, the wall, and in the upper left corner of this page will be located following menu: "My profile", "My friends", "My photos" "My videos", "My audio recordings", "My message", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Click on the "My settings". In the window that opens on the top are located the following tabs: "General", "Privacy", "Warning", "blacklist", "Mobile services", "Balance". To hide audiozapisi you need to change the privacy, so click on the second tab.
A window opened in front of you will contain several blocks, which you can edit access to the page (choose which users will be able to see), the possibility of a relationship with you through video sessions and messaging, the ability to view records on your wall and access your personal information. To close the option of viewing your music, select "My page". In this section you will be able to close access to view your basic information, photos you're tagged in, videos, and groups list of your gifts, friends list, and the list of your recordings. Next to "Who can see my list of recordings" the window "All users". Clicking on it, you will be able to change these settings and open access to its music only to your friends, some friends or shut it down.