You will need
  • browser.
If you upload photos to one of the albums of the social network "Vkontakte", you have the opportunity to set privacy on the album in the process of its creation. In order to do this, log in to your account by entering the username and password.
Click "My Photos". On the opened page click on the option "Create album". Specify the name of the album can enter a description.
To set privacy settings click on the labels "All users" in the field "Who can view this album?". Select from the drop-down list. The option "All friends", which is the default setting, makes your photos available for viewing to all users "Vkontakte".
If you prefer a a few to limit the circle of those who will have the opportunity to view images of the created albums, select "Friends and friends of friends."
To further reduce the number of users who access the created album, you can select "Only friends."
If the created album is intended only for your personal viewing, select "Only me".
There are situations when we would like to avoid a visit of several or one particular user in the photo album. For this purpose it is not necessary to close photos strict privacy settings, it is sufficient to use the option "All except...". In the preferences window, select this option from the same drop-down list the availability of the album to the users. In the field "Who are not allowed access?", enter the name of the user who will not see the album privacy settings.
The option "Some friends" will make the album available to users from the list of your friends whom you check in the settings window this option.
If necessary, in exactly the same way you can configure the possibility of posting comments to your photos. Select the desired degree of privacy from the drop-down list in the "Who can comment on the pictures?".
Click "Create album". Select one of the disks of the computer to download the pictures and upload them to the created album.
If you need to modify the privacy settings of already created album, go to the list of albums and click on the labels to the right of the word "Available". Select the degree of privacy of an album from the drop-down list.