So, you are already registered "Vkontakte" at you have username and password, which you can access through your account on the website. Find a group or page of interest, for this type in search box key words or specific names, for example "Photo courses", then click just below the search string "Community". Then slightly to the right you will see "Type of community" (check: any, group, page, meeting) and click "search". This opens a list of groups in which choose from. If the group is open, you will be able to view all its content: audio, video, photos, discussions.
If you went to the page a closed group, please note the top right corner under the photo. There will be written: "Subscribe" (on the page) or "Apply" (in a group).
Wait some time, as your application is considered by the administrators group. If they approve, the group will appear in the list on your page. You can now view all the contents of the group.
A few years ago was able to view the content of closed groups by changing the address in the browser address bar. However, "Vkontakte" develops quite rapidly, and at the moment, even if you list the address of the album to a private group, you will be displayed a page with information that pictures are not loaded. Do not trust links from search engines, most likely, there is used a wrong or outdated information. Administration "Vkontakte" does not give the ability to view photos of private groups and does not provide such scripts.