To hide their information from prying eyes "Vkontakte" will not be difficult. The developers of social network has provided for the emergence of such a desire in the user. It is necessary to adjust and enable settings.

What can be hidden on the page

To make invisible to prying eyes, you can personal audio and video recordings, photographs, gifts, the list of groups you join are. Also, the social network allows you to choose who can read and comment on your entries on the page, contact you or invite you into community, the application.

Process privacy settings page "Vkontakte"

To customize the privacy of "Vkontakte" is quite simple. In the vertical menu of the page, to the left of your avatar, click "My settings". In the opened window at the top locate and click the tab "Privacy". Now, if you decide to completely hide all of your page, you need all submenu items to choose the answers "No" or "Only me".
Please note, if all the privacy settings to choose the answers "No" or "Only me" and some time to go to your page "Vkontakte", it will soon be deleted by the administration.

If you decide to not hide the whole page or not from all the friends you need to read all the submenu items and the possible answers, then click on the suitable option. To make sure that privacy settings are correct, check, as you can see your page from other users. If you are satisfied, save the changes on the page, clicking on the "Save"button.
If you are going to hide the account "Vkontakte" (or already concealed), let no one id (unique identifier) of your page. With its help, any user of the social network could have links to view hidden data.

Before you hide your pages from all users of the social network of "Vkontakte", weigh all the "pros" and "cons". It may happen that some very needed a friend, an old friend or a lost relative will try to go out with you, but can not friendship you offer, no message to write. In this case, you will remain in ignorance. Meanwhile, do not forget that social networking is created for communication, therefore, can not be too radical to protect themselves from all users.