Please note that rates for unlimited access to the Internetintended for modems, suggest somewhat high monthly fee compared to the same rates for phones. But conditions softer: the threshold of consumed traffic, after consuming which the speed is reduced much more, or altogether absent. To "cheat" the operator in moving the modem a SIM card designed for the phone, or on the contrary, in many cases, will not succeed. If you want to use the computer unlimited onlineom under the "telephone" rates, connect your phone to the computer via the Bluetooth interface, but in this case, you will have to accept the fact that the speed limit after reaching the threshold will also be "telephone".
Make sure you are in the home region, and access is via the Internet-APN.
If you use a modem connected to the cellular operator MTS, select one of the following unlimited plans:- to lower the speed to 64 KB/s after 250 MB of traffic per day (450 per month);
with a reduced speed to the same value after 500 MB of traffic per day (750 per month);
with a reduced speed to the same value after 1 GB of traffic per day (1350 rubles per month);
- no speed reduction at all (2990 rubles per month).To connect or disconnect any of these tariffs in Linux, start a terminal program such as minicom, locate the port to which the modem is connected, select the correct speed and parity, and then type the string from the Directive ATDT and one of USSD commands separated by a space. In Windows start the software package supplied with the modem, select the dialling mode and enter one of the commands directly (without a Directive ATDT). These commands are the following: connecting a first rate - *111*2180*1# second - *111*2188*1# third - *111*575*1# fourth - *111*748*1#. To disable any of the tariffs at the same team, in which the digit 1 in front of the "grille" is replaced by figure 2.
The operator "Beeline" provides a flat rate for access to Internet with a USB modem at a price of 395 EUR per month. For its connectivity will also need only once to make 100. If you download a month is more than 15 gigabytes of information, speed will decrease to 32 Kbps until the end of the month. For connecting, use the USSD command *110*0802#, to disconnect - scroll back up to rate MBS payment using the command *110*7094#. For each new connection, you will again be taken by 100.
The operator "MegaFon" has five unlimited tariffs for access to the Internet, in which the speed is reduced to the end of the month to 64 KB/s after one and a half, two and a half, four, eight and sixteen gigabytes of traffic. The first of them it is, moreover, originally is artificially limited to 512KB/s. their Value is 220, 500, 800, 1100 and 1400 rubles per month. For connection use, respectively, the USSD commands *236*1#, *236*5#, *236*2#, *236*3#, *236*4#, to disable the same commands, in which instead of the format *236*N# the format is *236*N*0#.