Service Guide

To activate unlimited Internetfrom MegaFon, through a personal account (Service Guide), go to the website of the provider. Select the city and the region, which are, in the upper right corner. Enter the username and password and go to your personal page.

After you leave the main menu on the left select "Options, rates and services." Next on the list, locate the "change of tariff and options." Select and install a suitable section of two groups: "the Internet from mobile devices" or "Internet computer".

If you want to connect Internet on iPad or any other mobile device, select "Internet with mobile devices. Find the option of unlimited Internet: pocket Internet mini, turbo button, Internet XS, Internet with Opera mini, Internet 24, Internet 24 Modem. Select the appropriate option, and click "make changes".

To connect the Internet to your computer, click the option "Internet computer". Options: Internet S, Internet M, Internet XL, Internet L, Internet XS, night Express". If you select the unlimited Internet connection guided by the following criteria: traffic volume, subscription fees, speed limits, speed data transfer.
Options you will be able to connect not only to the SIM card for Internet on the modem, but the SIM card is installed in your mobile device.

The connection itself is free, only fee is charged for connected options.


Also, if there is no possibility or desire to go into my account, the Internet can connect via USSD-request.
To connect the option "Internet L", type in your device combination - *236*4#, then press the "call".
To connect to "the Internet S" - *236*2# "call",
"Internet XL" - *236*5#,
"Internet M" - *236*3#,
"Internet XS" - *236*1#,
"Night Express" - *105*765*1#
"Turbo-button" for the option "Internet XS" (100 MB to the end of a day, connecting 10 RUB).
Connection: *527*99#. This option is available with no monthly fees. The number of connections options are not limited.


To connect any the Internet option on the Megaphone, considering the needs, perhaps by sending an SMS with any text other than "00" on a specific number.
"Internet L" - 05009124,
"Internet S" - 05009122,
"Internet XL" - 05009125,
"Internet M" - 05009123,
"Internet XS" - 05009121.
Text "00" is added to the SMS unchecking.

Now I can without problems, you can enable or disable unlimited Internet from the comfort of home.