Check out the proposed plans of the cellular operator. For this you can visit the official page of the company. If you do not have Internet access, contact the call center at 0500. Compare the monthly fee, plug-in options, and other terms of connection.
For example, you decide to switch to the tariff plan "Go to 0". In this case, you should, being in the network "Megaphone", to send the following request from your phone:*105*609#. But for the operation of the your account balance must be positive, because of the transition your account will be debited 100.
If you want to change to "Unlimited", enter from your mobile devices *105*784#. Note that the transition from your account will be debited an amount equal to 500 rubles.
Cellular operator "MegaFon" provides its customers a tariff plan "Unlimited Premium". To navigate, dial USSD-command *105*785#. For a change of fare from the account will be charged 500 rubles.
To change tariff plan you can and at the office of the cellular company. Address finding missions, check with the operator by number 0500 or dial *123# and press "Call". To obtain this information and the official website of "MegaFon".
If you are a legal entity, to change the tariff, write a formal letter to the company. In the document, specify the account number, the current and the desired tariff plan.
Change of tariff plan with Internet assistant. Go to the official company website, click "Service Guide". Enter the phone number and password. In menu, select "Services & rates" and then "Change tariff plan". From the list select the desired rate, enter the date of the change. Then click on "Order".