The benefits of the Internet through the USB modem

The word "modem" was the result of a merger of two words: modulator and demodulator, respectively, and it modulates and demodulates the signal, i.e., converts it, makes it understandable for as the device connects. USB modem suitable for those who work on laptop, netbook. Some tablet models require the connection of a modem via USB. It can be used at home when Internet is not possible, in cafes, in the country, on a picnic, even in the woods. Most importantly – a stable signal area. However, the GSM technology on which is based the work of most modern modems are nearly ubiquitous and allows 99% of mobile devices to the Internet by 3G, and even 4G. Which of the known mobile operators to trust when choosing a device: Beeline, MTS or MegaFon – this issue does not lose relevance.

To each his own

It should be noted that the choice of the modem – the question is very subjective. First and foremost, the buyer should pay attention to the stability of the signal in the area in which it is assumed the predominant use of the modem.

The second is the cost of the device. For example, a modem you can buy for 600 - 1990 rubles. In the same price range offers the device and the Megaphone. Modems Beeline a bit more expensive, because of the high ratings of this statement. But the quality of the Internet a little better. Included with the modem of this company, the manufacturers offer a USB cord, which is possible to use at a high enough level of communication. If you decide to modem Beeline, the purchase will cost you on average about $ 2000, the Price of all of the modems includes the cost of the first month of use. Currently become increasingly popular USB modems supports wi-fi.

For every taste

The buyer focuses is the choice of the tariff plan. It is a little different from the tariffs for mobile communications. It is important to consider the speed of the modem, which is necessary for you. If you only want to send email and communicate in social networks, it is enough for the lowest, why pay more? If you plan to visit sites with pictures, you can choose fare better.

To download videos, films will have to fork out on expensive data plan, because otherwise you'll just be wasting your time in a long waiting load.

In any case, it is better to choose unlimited Internet. Then you can, by paying once a month use then the Internet without any restrictions. However, you have the option to pay for unlimited Internet for a few days, which is quite convenient. In principle, all operators follow the same pricing policy in the provision of mobile Internet, everyone can find the solution in their pocket.