First choose the suitable tariff plan. If you rarely use mobile Internet, it is not always rational to use the unlimited plan with a fixed monthly payment. Perhaps it would be wise to choose the payment spent traffic. Purchase USB modem company "MegaFon" and the corresponding sim card.
Turn on your mobile computer and plug the Megaphone-modem. If after some time a window atsipusk select Setup.exe. Install the proposed programme. You will need it to configure parameters of the modem and connecting to the Internet.
Launch the installed application. Open the menu "Options" and go to the submenu "Network". In the tab "network Type" select "WCDMA Only" if you want to always connect to 3G networks. In the following paragraph, specify the setting of "All bands". If in a specific geographical area, the 3G network signal is too weak, replace the parameter WCDMA to GSM.
If the connection fails at the stage of definition for need network card IP address, then open the program and go to menu "Settings". Open the General tab. Check the option "Run with Windows" to enable the program manually. Now activate the RAS(modem). Click OK and try to connect to the network.
Remember that the speed of Internet access using a USB modem can sometimes leave much to be desired. Try to use additional programs, such as Traffic Compressor. Sometimes, these tools can give a tangible increase in speed of loading pages. Install a Traffic Compressor and run it. Specify the nominal speed of your Internet connection and allow the tool to run in automatic mode.