Unlimited Internet for a month for only 199 p. in MTS called the tariff option "BIT", and it can be plugged on the MTS website under "Internet assistant" typing from your phone service command *111*995# and press the call button, or by calling 995.
If you have no need for unlimited Internet for the entire month, then you can connect the tariff option "Unlimited Internet for a day" paying 149 p To connect enter from your mobile phone *111*2139# and press the call key.
The advantage of unlimited Internet for a day is that the speed remains as high as possible until the amount of transmitted and received information does not reach the threshold to 1Gb, at the time, as an option of "BITS" will reduce the speed to 64KB/s after 5MB (per hour). Daily to tariff option "BIT" is 70MB, at which point the speed drops to 16KB/s.