Advice 1: How to connect unlimited Internet Beeline

For those who regularly access the Internet from your mobile phone service unlimited Internet from Beeline will be a good opportunity to save some expenses on traffic. A well-known company offers its customers several options for unlimited Internet access. Consider ways to connect and cost.
Unlimited Internet will help to save traffic costs
The connection of the service "Unlim Internet" is 150r., and the monthly fee will be 390 Euro a month. To activate the service you need to call from your mobile phone number 067417001. By activating the service, you will be given unlimited access to the Internet throughout the month from the date of connection.
The service "Unlimited Internet for a day" worth 45 p. and the connection is free of charge. Speed access to the Internet will be 2MB/s while the volume of data sent and received reaches threshold 250MB. After that, the speed drops to 64KB/sec. To activate the service you need to call the number 067416001.
If you use Opera Mini browser in your phone, you can activate "Unlimited surfing with Opera Mini". The connection fee will be 30 rubles, and the monthly fee will have to pay daily at 7P. To connect you need to call the number 0674091.
Information is provided for subscribers of Moscow and Moscow region.

Advice 2 : How to disable Internet Megaphone

To avoid paying a monthly fee for the services of the Internet on your phone that are no longer used, the cellular operator "the Megaphone offers the subscribers some variants disable unlimited Internet, using which you can disable this service.
How to disable Internet Megaphone
Dial from your cell phone combination *105*235*0# if you're connected to an unlimited mobile Internet using Opera mini browser. To disable this service, press the call key. Soon you will receive a message that the option is successfully disabled.
To deactivate unlimited Internet, select a specific command for each package services offered by "MegaFon ("Basic , "the best , "Progressive , "Practical, etc.). For example, to disable a package of Internet service "the Base from your phone , dial *236*1*0# and press "call . After executing the query to your number will receive a message that the package is disabled.
Unlimited Internet access "a Basic you can deactivate by dialing a USSD-request. To do this, enter the combination of symbols *105*2*8# the call button. Or send a request with the word "Stop ("STOP ) to the number 05009121. In these cases, mobile Internet services will be disabled automatically.
Use the "Service Guide to disable Internet on your phone. Go to the website of the company Find the section "my account , log in by entering your phone number. Next, click "Services and Rate . Untick the option "Change service set . If you can't handle the settings yourself, go to the "Online consultant .
Contact center service self-service by number 0500. Tell the operator your surname, name, patronymic of the owner of a phone number or call code word. After some time disconnected.
Be careful when you connect to a network "Megaphone . You can check which service you are connected to the sales center. And immediately verify whether your phone the necessary technical capability for the proposed package of services.
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