Advice 1: How to connect unlimited Internet Beeline

For those who regularly access the Internet from your mobile phone service unlimited Internet from Beeline will be a good opportunity to save some expenses on traffic. A well-known company offers its customers several options for unlimited Internet access. Consider ways to connect and cost.
Unlimited Internet will help to save traffic costs
The connection of the service "Unlim Internet" is 150r., and the monthly fee will be 390 Euro a month. To activate the service you need to call from your mobile phone number 067417001. By activating the service, you will be given unlimited access to the Internet throughout the month from the date of connection.
The service "Unlimited Internet for a day" worth 45 p. and the connection is free of charge. Speed access to the Internet will be 2MB/s while the volume of data sent and received reaches threshold 250MB. After that, the speed drops to 64KB/sec. To activate the service you need to call the number 067416001.
If you use Opera Mini browser in your phone, you can activate "Unlimited surfing with Opera Mini". The connection fee will be 30 rubles, and the monthly fee will have to pay daily at 7P. To connect you need to call the number 0674091.
Information is provided for subscribers of Moscow and Moscow region.

Advice 2: 7 ways to turn off the Internet Beeline

Currently, the company Beeline offers its customers a wide range of connectivity to the Internet. It can be a mobile, wired Internet, or access to the network via USB modem. Depending on the connection method developed by a number of methods off the Internet Beeline.
 7 ways to turn off the Internet Beeline
Among the ways to disable Internet Beeline at the request of the client the most common is a break in the Internet connection by dialing *110*180#, stopping the process of providing the entire package of Internet services, including GPRS and MMS, which is not very convenient.
For active users of the MMS system, who want only to limit access to the network, it will be better to create a new access point that blocks network output, or to change its settings. In a pinch, you can remove the access point by deleting the account Beeline that will block the network. To restore the changes is not difficult. You can call the toll free number 0117, and the new settings will come in the message. The creation of the second access point does not erase and does not change the correct settings that remain in the phone. When you delete a point it is sufficient to restart the device then will be automatically retrieved and installed drivers and programs, restoring the network connection. This method is convenient when you need a lump sum to off the Internet Beeline, and then recover. These methods are a dropped network connection avoids the negative impact on basic package of the operator. However, the methods create, delete points or change the settings, access to them does not settle the issue of subscription fees from customer's account for the use of the Internet service.
For more advanced customers it is effective to disable the mobile Internet Beeline, using "my account", through which you can monitor your account balance and full control over the package of services provided by the operator. With this program you can disable Internet Beeline with the termination of all financial operations for this service.
In the "dashboard" also it is possible to connect special function of the voluntary blocking of the Internet connection by the subscribers of Beeline for a period of up to 90 days. While cash retention and subscriber fee charge-off does not occur, reconnect Internet services after three months automatically.
Take advantage of the "Voluntary blocking" can also, by calling 88007008000 or operator – 0611. From the point of view of reliability the call to the operator is the most optimal method, since in this case all the customer requirements efficiently run with him a highly qualified specialist, which not only disconnect and connect the Internet, but will give explanations for all the subtleties and nuances of any operation. Thanks to the possibility to contact the operator to turn off the Internet Beeline for any period of time. The difficulty lies in contact with the operator due to his employment or due to technical reasons.
Finally, the easiest and most convenient way to disable the mobile Internet Beeline for any user is the ability to free call to number 067417000, after which the service center will instantly shut off the service.
Owners of Internet-modems question off of the Internet without financial loss does not need to worry, because the gap of the Internet connection occurs through a direct disconnect the device from the operating system. If this fee is not charged, the customer's funds remain on the balance sheet in full as long as the modem will not be re-connected. In the case of a complete rejection of the use of a USB connection is sufficient to uninstall the programs and drivers installed on the mobile device and is responsible for working with the modem.
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